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Question of the Week - Passing on Your Traits

Thanks to everyone for sharing the names you loved on last week's QotW. I loved them all! (With the exception of Londo's names... We will talk later...)

Here's another QotW related to kids, as this is a mommy/parent blog:

If you could pass on any physical trait and/or character trait to your child, what would it be? What would you not want to pass on?

Here are my answers: I would love to pass on my eye color to a child of mine. So far, it looks like the Pumpkin will not have the same shade as me, although she does have my eye shape, and her eyes are really beautiful. But I got my eye color from my mom, and I would love to pass it on to one of my children. As for my character trait, I hope to pass on my love of animals.

What I don't want to pass on is my acne-prone skin (how am I still breaking out at 31?!?!) and how I deal (or should I say not deal) with frustrations.

How about you?


Madame Queen said…
Oooh, good questions! I would like to pass on my dimples to my kids -- and fortunately I did. I mean dimples in my cheeks, (the upper cheeks, as Precarious Tomato likes to say!). All my life I've had positive comments about them and I'm glad I've passed those on to them.

As for bad traits, definitely the ease with which I gain weight. It runs in my dad's side of the family. Bubba looks more like me, so hopefully as a boy it won't go to his hips and thighs like it did on me! Punkin looks MUCH more like her daddy so hopefully she'll be thin like her marathon running aunt!
Becoming Mommy said…
I hoped to pass on my quick learning and love of animals, but not my sensitive skin or temper. It seems I've passed on all of the above, wanted or not. Sasha's best buddy is TheHound. He has already figured out how to open drawers (ugh!, be careful what you wish for!). He's allergic to sooooo many things. And will throw a tempertantrum at the drop of a hat.
ImpostorMom said…
I too would like to pass on my eye color. Alas, not this go around as Boog has his daddy's baby blues. He does have my eye shape though which means he has big blue eyes not like my husband's beady blue eyes. :P

I would like to pass on my compassion and generosity to Boog as far as personality traits go.

I certainly hope he doesn't have my weight problems or acne prone skin.

I can also list a few things about the husband too. I had hoped he'd have his red hair and he did for quite a while but now it's looking more and more blond. He definitely has his daddy's curls and they are oh so cute. Unfortunately he also has his daddy's temper and that is not so cute. On the plus side though he seems to be just as goofy as the two of us but closer to the goofiness level of his daddy, which is way goofier. :D
4FatCats said…
DH is really hoping lil' monkey gets my ears because his were a source of teasing when he was younger (so far, seems we're in luck). But I really love that he definitely has my eye shape and you can see both my father's eyes and mine in lil' monkey's when he smiles.

As for the character trait, I hope he doesn't inherit the stubborness that both DH and I possess. But I also hope he doesn't have my own inherited trait from my mother -- worry-wart, stress ball.

What I do hope he inherits is a healthy sense of humor from DH and I. I think my sense of humor (which I think I inherited somehow from my aunt or my mullet sporting uncle -- that's enough humor right there!) has counter-balanced the stress ball part sometimes.
limboland la la said…
I wouldn't mind if my kid had a strong looking face ... you know the high cheek bone kind of thing/straight nose... A defined rather than less defined face. both the dad and I share the cheekbones (although pop's nose is a little smooshed), so just maybe.

basically i want my baby to look like it can kick some serious ass. :) (that might just be the preggo hormones speaking)

... as for character traits...

perhaps the ability to not put his/herself above others. You know, not have a self-assured world view that her/his way is better than another's way. Whether through culture/sexuality/life outlook/ education etc. etc.

i think that might be asking alot though. so we might try gardening first. :)
b*babbler said…
Ooh, what to pass on, what not to pass on.

I would have to say I'd really like to not pass along my awkward body shape. I'm very short (under 5'), and rather disproportionate (think long torso, ridiculously short legs). I would also say my very deep set eyes (makes putting on eyeshadow and exercise in futility) but I'm too late for that.

As for what I would like to pass on I'd have to say lips and ears. I've always thought I have pretty nicely shaped ears and decent lips. And seriously? I'd have to say my butt. :)

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