Thursday, December 6, 2007

These Are a Few of My Favorite Posts...

Before I get to my post today, please check this out about toy recalls and add any questions you might have to the comments. Hmmm. I feel like I'm linking to Mom-101 a lot--but she's just so very linkable!

I was talking to a friend yesterday, and although I go on and on about different parentbloggers and how funny and great they are, she just doesn't get into them. I understand that. At first, I didn't get why people blogged or would read blogs. I don't watch reality TV or talk shows or listen to call-in radio shows. I generally prefer fiction, although I do like biographies and history, perhaps because they are more indepth looks at real people than I think you get with reality TV.

But then, thanks to a friend, I discovered mommyblogs. NOW I get it. Here are other women and men who are interesting, good writers and writing about things I can relate to. My world has changed so much that I even started my own.

As I was talking to my friend, I told her I'd recommend some posts that were really good so she could see why I'm so into them. Later I realized that I want to share them with more than one friend. And since it's Link Week, I'm posting some of my favorite posts by some of my favorite bloggers. I think I'll do this every now and then, because I love discovering other bloggers through links from bloggers I read and enjoy, so I would like to pass that on to others.

Disclaimer: I'm a person who hates to leave anyone out. However, I'm super busy at work lately, so I don't have time to link to a post for everyone on my blog roll. I'm sorry about that, but I'll do more links later. Cause all these women and men are great!

These are really good:
Ask Moxie: Moxie is one of my favorite people in the world, and I love everything she's ever written. Read her post about her philosophy to understand why.

a little pregnant: I almost died from laughter at Julie's's take on mamograms!

blissfully bitch: Read this to understand what it's like when your heart walks around outside your body.

finslippy: Alice is always so funny, but read this to get an inside view into the crazy minds of women!

Her Bad Mother: This post is so good, although I like the follow-up post even better!

ImposterMom: I love that ImposterMom does haiku Fridays, and here was one that I truly can relate to.

i must admit: This one was very funny, but I lost it when I read the follow-up post! I'm still laughing at it!

Mom-101: How sweet is this? Plus, there is a picture of Thalia in a Redskins onesie!

One Tired Ema: A glipse into what it's like to drop a young kid off at school. I am not holding my breath.

Oh, my. That's probably enough for now. I'm sure I'll do more soon! Also, I'll get back to blogging about life with the baby tomorrow. Apparently I needed to talk about blogging the past two days.


ImpostorMom said...

I must start working on my Haiku for tomorrow. No inspiration just yet. Thanks for all the good links, i'll have to shirk my responsibilities and check some of those out.

limboland la la said...

Hey woman, this was part of an email I wrote to someone thanks to you! As I was not getting it tilll....welll, i got it:

Have just begun to notice how blogging is creating a totally different medium of communication and community in the cyberworld that also interconnects within our own “actual” world…. quite amazing, especially since I’m a bit cut off from having many stimulating conversations in my part of the world….Although I doubt that feeling of isolation is confined to those living in a foreign country alone, I’ve met many a mother (i.e. you! :) ) who have informed me that the “Mommy blogs” throughout the internet are their saviors– or their connection to other mothers experiencing the same travails as themselves.

It’s nice that writing needn’t be stagnant and has become an active dialog between both author and reader. It seems actually the line has blurred: for who is to claim the authority of author or likewise who is to claim the title of reader? It seems we’ve both become responding creators...alternately giving and receiving...supporting and being supported.

Mom101 said...

I'm so honored to be in such amazing company. And DUDE - are you Redskins fans? I'm currently f'ball widowed as we speak, with Nate out watching his Thursday night game in his memorial Sean Taylor jersey.

Crystal said...

Thanks for including me--and for sharing my somewhat warped sense of humor.

I look forward to reading all the others, too.

Anonymous said...

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