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Cara Mama - Feeling Better?

Cara Mama,

When Daddy and I saw you sitting on the couch yesterday evening, you looked very tired and blue. So I decided to be the Best Baby Ever! Daddy put me in your lap, and I was cuddly and gigglely and smiley and oh so sweet! It really seemed to cheer you up, and we had so much fun just sitting on the couch.

I love to play with your hair, and I'm trying to learn to play with it without pulling it. I love to squirm around in different ways in your lap, looking at everything. I love it when Daddy and you tickle me under my chin and on my knees.

It was so much fun. Let's play like that again soon.

La tua bambina,

Cara Figlia - Incredible Baby

Cara mia bambina,

You are incredible! Next week, you will be 9 months old, and I'm so amazing at everything you've learned to do in those 9 months. Just in the past few days, I've realized that you have made a "magical leap forward" in terms of development (as talked about in the book The Wonder Weeks). Even your Grandma noticed, and she and I talked about it over the phone yesterday. You are able to do more with your body and with toys, and you are starting to entertain yourself more.

We are still at the edge of this 9-month fussy stage with separation anxiety. Your Grandma and I talked about that recently, too--how you don't want to be put down and are randomly fussy about things. I was thinking that it was your teething bothering you, and I'm sure it is, but you are also going through some very typical issues for a baby right at 9 months old.

I know that in just a little while longer, you will be through the fussy stage, and we can all revel in the new t…

These Are a Few of My Favorite Posts...

Before I get to my post today, please check this out about toy recalls and add any questions you might have to the comments. Hmmm. I feel like I'm linking to Mom-101 a lot--but she's just so very linkable!

I was talking to a friend yesterday, and although I go on and on about different parentbloggers and how funny and great they are, she just doesn't get into them. I understand that. At first, I didn't get why people blogged or would read blogs. I don't watch reality TV or talk shows or listen to call-in radio shows. I generally prefer fiction, although I do like biographies and history, perhaps because they are more indepth looks at real people than I think you get with reality TV.

But then, thanks to a friend, I discovered mommyblogs. NOW I get it. Here are other women and men who are interesting, good writers and writing about things I can relate to. My world has changed so much that I even started my own.

As I was talking to my friend, I told her I'd recommen…

No Comment

Before I had my own blog (was that really just 2 weeks ago?), I didn't comment much on other people's blogs. I read a bunch regularly, was often amused and interested, and on occasion, when I really felt compelled, would comment. The only exceptions were places I started to feel very comfortable or know the blogger IRL.

Reading blogs felt like I was listening in on other people's conversations, or even sneaking glances in other people's journals. Hmm, I think the conversations is a better analogy. To me, it felt like people were sharing bits of their lives with their friends, who would respond in the comments. But these people didn't know me. I would be an interloper, just randomly commenting. I felt like they would wonder who I was and why was I jumping in.

I'm not a shy person. In fact, I will jump in on people's conversations around me("Oh no, it's raining out there?" and "It took you how long to get into work?" were recent jump-in…

What Would My Mother Say?

Note: Apparently, I'm going to be linking to people this week. I did yesterday, and I'm about to again today. And so, I will link all week long.

Currently, I'm working on letting things go. After all, what's the harm in letting things go that aren't going to hurt the kids? And why do we parents believe things have to be perfect or set a bunch of rules for the sake of having rules? And why do we judge others who let some things go, when really the rule is for no good reason? Don't get me started on the Sanctimommy!

Why do we stress about things and make our lives harder than they have to be? Why do we buy that extra winter coat for a baby who will almost assuredly not need it? Why do we go crazy trying to come up with variety in food for a baby who doesn't care if they eat the same 10 things? Why do we spend an hour trying to get the baby to sleep when the nap lasts only 15 minutes, or 30 if you are really lucky?

Often, I think we berate ourselves because of t…

Question of the Week - Just Desserts

Someone got me thinking about desserts the other day. This is not hard to do, as I LOVE desserts with an intensity that is a little scary. One of the best parts of pregnancy and breastfeeding for me is that I get to indulge in my sweet tooth all the time. I really do have dessert after lunch AND dinner. I have no idea how I'll deal when I stop breastfeeding... I guess I'll have to get pregnant again (I say as if it was easy the first time).

Anyway, this line of thinking brings me to the Question of the Week:

What is your favorite dessert?

My answer:
Okay, I have two. But I think it's allowed, considering how much I LOVE desserts. My favorite is the pastry Napoleon, but I so rarely find it done just right, with the pastry flaky enough and the cream the right level of fluffy creaminess. So my close second favorite is creme brulee.

Mmmmm. Now I'm ready for dessert. I have just finished breakfast, after all...

Okay, apparently I can't spell things correctly until I've h…

Daddy's Take: Sleep Deprevation, Short Term Memory Loss, and Sleep Deprevation

So as the father of an 8-9 month old--especially as the father of the "fussiest baby in the world"(TM)--I have noticed a strange phenomenon. I have gotten accustomed to going through my days in what can only be described as a hazy fog. I have always been a morning person (I know, it's pretty disgusting). Before the baby, I would get up at 0530 and be at work by 0700, and be in a damn good mood. I would leave work around 1500 and be home and relaxing (at least I think that's what I used to do) within the hour. This is one of the better ways to avoid the DC traffic, or so I have found.

Now, my routine has shifted a bit.

After being "on duty" with the "fussiest baby in the world"(TM) until 0200, I get about 3-4 uninterrupted hours of sleep per night (on average). My alarm goes off right on schedule at 0500. I have absolutely no recollection of this on any given morning. I sometimes have a vague memory of slapping the large snooze button on the top of t…