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Cara Mama - Best Naps of All

Cara Mama,

I like it best when you hold me for my naps. I know you tried to put me down in the crib 2 or 3 times, but I'm glad you kept holding me when you realized I started to wake up. I really love napping in your arms. I don't know what else you have to do that's more important than that.

Plus, I don't mind if you read while you hold me. Doesn't holding me for an hour or more give you a nice time to relax and read? And I get a nice, warm, comfy nap! And daddy gets time to himself! Everyone is happy.

tua bambina,

Cara Figlia - Goodnight, and Good Riddance, Moon

Cara figlia,

First, thank you for sleeping until 5:00! That was a much-needed miracle. Today, I can deal with the world again, especially since I went to bed at 9:00. Let's do that every night, shall we?

Now Pumpkin, your daddy and I are both readers. We love books and reading and good stories. So I expected that you would love books right from the beginning. From birth. Babies just lie there, right? So of course you would sit still and love to hear us read you books. I bought a ton of board books, as I was sure you would love to sit there and listen to them.

Not you, my active little baby. There is not a day in your short life that you've wanted to sit still for any length of time. At first, I was frustrated by your lack of interest in books. I tried to read Goodnight Moon every night to create a bedtime routine. But you were too young and not at all interested. So I let it go, and the bedtime routine at that point was changing your diaper and nursing you to sleep.

Then, around …

Too Cranky to be Creative

As the title of today's post indicates, I'm feeling too cranky to be creative today. I'm pretty much too cranky and exhausted to do much of anything, and yet I have a very busy day of work ahead of me. Sigh...

So, let's see. Have I mentioned that the Pumpkin is in a fussy period? Oh, I did. Have I mentioned that the Pumpkin is a fussy child in general? Hmmm, I did. Have I mentioned that I hate my mornings? Yeah, I mentioned that too.

Okay, I have nothing new to say except that this child may very well be the death of me. And now I have to get to work since I'm running SO late today.

I hope you all are having better nights and days than me. :-)

Evil Genius Cat

Londo: The cat is the smartest thing in the house.

caramama: If he was so smart, he wouldn't be peeing on stuff.

Londo: That's the thing. To get him to stop peeing on stuff, we are doing everything he wants. We're giving him extra treats, buying him toys, giving him extra attention, playing with him...

caramama: Keeping his litter box really clean, leaving the baby gates open as much as possible...

Londo: It's genius really.

Londo: I wish I could get what I wanted by peeing on stuff. I could be in a meeting at work, and just start peeing on the conference table until everyone agrees with me. Hmmmm.

caramama: haha.

Happy New Year and My Love for Neil Gaiman

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope 2008 has started off better for you than it has for us. I know you're thinking, "Did that baby keep you guys up all night again?" After all, I did state that the only way I would be up at midnight was if the baby woke us. (Am I an amatuer at this? Don't I know by now not to tempt the God of Sleep?!?! What was I thinking?) It turns out, that wasn't true. We were woken shortly after midnight by my mom's dog, who is staying with us while they are visiting other relatives.

That's right, my house currently contains an upset cat who is peeing on stuff, a whiny dog who keeps trying to lick the baby in the face, a visiting dog who wants to chase the cat (making the cat more upset), a 9.5 month old baby who is in a fussy period, and two very grumpy, very tired adults.

Happy New Year!

The Pumpkin actually slept until 4:00, went back to sleep pretty easily with me (have I mentioned how much I love nursing lying down?), but then woke u…

Question of the Week - Resolutions

First: Go Redskins!! We are in the playoffs! And I couldn't imagine a better way to get in than to beat the Cowboys! Now, on today's regularly scheduled post...

Happy New Year's Eve! I hope everyone is planning a night of fun and drinking. If I'm up at midnight tonight, it will purely be because the Pumpkin has woken both Londo and I. My plans for tonight include maybe having a whole glass of wine and going to bed by 10:00. My wish for New Year's Day is to be able to sleep straight until 5:00! It's a lofty wish, but every now and then it happens.

Are you making any New Year's Resolutions? If so, what are they?

Mine are:
1. To succeed in the To Be Read Challenge of 2008 (check out my book list on the side of my blog and here).
2. To stop using curse words in front of the baby, since she'll start to understand and maybe repeat them this year. Yikes.
3. To start working out again. Even if it's just getting back into my yoga DVDs. I need to find time for some…

I Wasn't Myself

Last night, Londo and I watched 300, which was a truly excellent movie. It's the kind of action-packed, adventure, hero-story I usually love. But this was the first time I'd seen it. Londo saw it--or rather most of it--in the movie theater. I had the option of seeing it with him in the theater with some friends of ours, but the ladies of the group decided to go see Music and Lyrics and I went with them. Usually I would pick the action flick over the chick flick, but I was over 41 weeks pregnant and not in the mood to see an action flick.

That's right, I was OVER 41 weeks pregnant. Can you guess why neither Londo or I saw the ends of our movies? The timing was impeccable, like a sitcom, really, when I hurried off to the bathroom, discovering my water broke and text messaging Londo with the news. But that's not what I wanted to write about today. I like the idea of writing my birth story on the year anniversary (like someone else I know did), so that story will wait.

But f…