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Daddy's Take: Day 1

Londo's Diary, 23 January, 2008.

Taking care of the pumpkin by myself has started off well. Mostly.
There was 1 incident of significance that made me wish I had 10 arms and the ability to multitask like a chess computer.

I was cooking dinner for me and the Pumpkin (rotini, sauce, bread, little puffed wheat thingies) when about 14 things happened at once. The pumpkin was on the floor, playing with her toys. The dog was in the floor, waiting for food to fall. I will try to give you the exact order in which it happened:

1. Londo in apron (hey sauce splatters and I like this shirt) is merrily stirring a pot of pasta and another pot of sauce.
2. dog gets up and sits next to back door - this is the universal sign of, "let me out or I will pee on something in here!"
3. Pasta begins to boil to the top of the pot.
4. Timer goes off, letting me know pasta is ready (breep-breep-breep, etc.)
5. Toaster oven dings, letting Londo know that bread is ready and will be burned to a crisp in exactly 10 seconds.
6. Pumpkin heads towards the cabinet where we keep the dog food (making the dog very interested indeed).
7. The phone rings.
8. Londo pauses, makes a judgment call on how to proceed, then proceeds.
9. Seeing Cara's cell on the caller ID, I grab the phone while heading for the toaster oven.
10. "Hello?"
11. A high-pitched scream, closely followed by the silence that every parent dreads, closely followed by whimpers and screams alternatively. Pumpkin had gotten her little fingers stuck in the cabinet door, and was leaning on the same door with her other hand (making things unbelievably worse).
12. Cara: "OMG, what's wrong?"
Londo: "Gottagocallyoubackinaminuteloveyoubye-click!"
13. Londo freaks.
14. I swept up the Pumpkin, and began kissing her fingers while I turned the stove-tops off and flung a towel over the timer (breep-breep-breep, muffle, muffle, breep)
15. I bang my head (really friggin hard) on the edge of another cabinet (the one over the toaster oven) as I reach into the hot device for the bread (I should have mentioned earlier, I was wearing an oven mitt on one hand, just to make this whole thing more challenging:)
16. Londo curses. This makes the Pumpkin stop crying and actually giggle at daddy (rubbing his head with an oven mitt and a piece of hot bread).
17. I put her down in her high-chair, let the dog out, push the button on the timer (breep-bre...), and sit down.

This whole experience took about 1 minute.

The rest of the night was awesome. I fed, bathed, and played with the baby and put her to bed at 7:50. She woke up at 5:50 in the morning (I usually get up, or try to, at 5:15, so this was no hardship). I showered while she played in the jumper in our bathroom, put on my suit, and dropped her off at Nana's house.

Other than that 1 minute of crisis, we had a pretty good night.

Thanks Pumpkin, sorry about the fingers.




nutmeg96 said…
This is why "stay-at-home moms" get pissed when someone implies they don't work. Glad things mostly are going well!
Hmm . . . you don't suck as a guest blogger or as a multi-tasking baby caring dad. You can stay.

(Oh, and congrats on surviving what was probably the longest one minute ever!)
-KZ said…
haha perfect timing on the phone call from mommy so she knows everything is going all right! isn't that great how that happens?

i like the whole "my finger is stuck and it hurts, so i'll pull it out by pushing with my other hand on the lid/door/book/whatever it is that my hand is stuck in." there was an interesting show about that. it's due to the fact that babies don't realize that other parts of their body that they aren't focused on can interact with their surroundings in certain ways. my daughter gets upset when she tries to pick up a blanket that she is standing on. same thing. they usually don't understand this concept until about 18-24 months i think. sorry for the baby psych lesson :-P
Londo said…
Thanks Burgh, And because of my love for Big Ben and Fast Willie, you may stay as well :)

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