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Daddy's Take: Things That Suck About Being the Grownup

I know there are a lot of other people out there just like me. You enjoyed your childhood and young adulthood and, even though you enjoy being a parent, you don't enjoy being the adult in the relationship. Here is a non-comprehensive list of things that suck about being the grownup:

1. Being the one that has to clean up the mess. Many times I wish I could simply hose off the Pumpkin (hmmm, maybe when Summer rolls back around...)

2. Being the one who has to hold the baby for her shots. I hate needles too, man, why should I have to hold my screaming infant down for this? Isn't this what I am paying the doctor/nurse for?

3. Just in general, having to be the responsible one. I want to play with the power outlets and eat things I find on the floor (well, not really, but I like to keep my entertainment options open).

4. Saying NO. Like, all the time. For example, "No Pumpkin, don't put that in your mouth" has become a fairly common utterance in my household.

5. Did I mention having to be the one to clean up the mess.

Now, there are a ton of awesome things about being the grownup. I like to drive, (sometimes); I like to watch whatever TV shows I want; and I like to spoil my appetite and eat absolute junk once in a while.

None of these things is a good trade for having to pay taxes, buy insurance, go to work, and pay the bills.

Feel free to chime in and tell me what you like or dislike about being the grownup.




caramama said…
I hate being the one that has to figure out what we will eat and fix meals. It's such a pain!

(BTW, guess who had to clean up all that cat pee recently? My awesome, grownup hubby!)
Karen said…
I hate being the one who gets up at night with the kids. And the dogs. And doles out chores so that I can then break up arguments about chores.
Cara said…
Discipline. the sucky thing about being a grown-up is having to have discipline and having to serve out discipline. Yuck.
Cara said…
and, Caramama, the new PBS Persuasion was rushed and altered, seriously altered. I actually wondered at one point if I had dozed off and missed something. It's the Cliff's Notes version, but what can you expect in 90 minutes? I will continue to watch them, but without high expectations.
-KZ said…
sorry to go against the group, but I love everything about being a grownup. it is fun! I paid my dues and finally my life is on track (for the past 6 years that is). :-)

being a parent is so much more fun than i thought it would be, and staying home with my little girl is the best thing for our "triumvirate" - although 2 of us have more power over the other - i won't say which 2 :-o

my dues? I have been a student, a lazy bachelor, a drunk band guy, in a horrible marriage that was doomed from the start, almost bankrupt because of that last one, laid-off guy unemployed for almost 6 months, and now the coolest thing yet. happily married with a wonderful daughter, and a great career!
ImpostorMom said…
wait, you get to watch whatever tv shows you want. I'm missing that part of being a grown up. Sheesh.

I'd say work is the biggest downside of being a grownup, work and debt. Blech.
Don Mills Diva said…
Taxes and bills are the worst part of being a grownup for sure in my opinion!
MommyEm said…
You know what? I'm tired of all of it. Between Dorothy being sick (while we don't have insurance), the cat being sick requiring surgery, medicine and $700, my month-long cold, Dorothy's dad's new job that makes me the 100% caregiver during this entire month (including all night-time fun), and packing our apartment for a move to be near that new job (leaving my network of friends and moms), I am just done. To add insult to injury, I can't even wallow in self-pity over a pint of Ben & Jerry's due to Dorothy's suspected dairy allergy! Does anyone know the number of the circus?

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