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Question of the Week - Pregnancy Best and Worst

There seems to be a lot of people pregnant these days, and a lot of other people trying to conceive. Some mommy bloggers have just had babies, some are due very soon or in a few, and some have just announced their pregnancies. Of course, there are others who are not trying at all, and there are those who are having problems conceiving. It's weird for me to realize, I've been all of these.

This week's question of the week is to honor all those who have been, currently are, currently are trying or will some day be pregnant themselves, but especially it is for a good friend of mine who has just entered her second trimester.

Question of the Week:
In your opinion, what was the best and the worst part about being pregnant? For those are partners of someone who was/is pregnant, what was the best and worst part about your partner being pregnant?

For me, the best part was eating just about anything I wanted (except for sushi and soft cheeses and all that stuff), especially desserts! The worst part was the constipation and gas pains!

How about you?

Update to the links above: Wood and Jim of Sweet Juniper move from the category of due any day to having a newborn! Congrats to them!


Don Mills Diva said…
I guess I'm a bore but I LOVED everything about being pregnant. I waited a long time and it was such a gift. I just reveled in every second of it...
Karen said…
I did not enjoy being pregnant what with the morning sickness, nausea, heartburn, constipation, swelling, aches and pains... I'm going with "I love the fact that I was going to have a baby."
mrsmogul said…
I LOVE EATING!!!! I am announcing my pregnancy in the next post, I cant stand the excitement!
Anonymous said…
I totally loved being pregnant as well, even though my son was 2 weeks overdue during the hottest summer on record.

I hated the morning sickness though. That just about did me in.
OneTiredEma said…
I loved feeling the babies move around in there. And feeling hiccups too! Coolest stuff ever.

Worst part was not sleeping well; from the second I got a positive hpt I was up peeing at least 2x a night. That was the beginning of the end of my nights!

PS I tagged you for a meme over at my place.
La folle maman said…
The best thing was the eating. That is, in the second trimester -- the first not so much and by the third I just felt bloated all of the time so really just in the second trimester.

The worst thing was getting sick and not being able to take anything that would actually help. You'd think in this day and age of pharmacuticals for everything, we'd have an OTC drug for colds that preggies can take!
Shellie said…
The 9 month stomach flu and dehydration, 2 months of preterm labor, swollen squishy feet, only being able to fit in a tent or stand for 10 minutes at a time are my least favorites. Feeling the baby/ babies move and seeing them on ultrasound, and finally giving birth were my most favorites!
Becoming Mommy said…
for me the worst was all the stuff that came with being pregnant. It's hard to pick out just one thing: The incessant vomiting, the painful edema, the sciatica, the headaches, the itchy rash, the bad doctors who kept telling me how "fat" I was getting and how I needed to stop eating so much (my edema was about 40lbs worth despite daily puking and barely eating at all)...
The best thing was having the baby at the end of it all.
limboland la la said…
I think the worst part for me (still going)is the fact that both my partner and I have all these different ideas of what it means to give birth, doctor's opinions and choosing hospitals.

For him, (coming from an Asian country) it absolutely flabbergasting that I might be in doubt of a doctor's opinion, or I might think that 30 -50 % caesarean rate is high... He is of the opinion, that a doctor's word is very much the same as a smote from God. (capital "G", his.)

And... he thinkest that I worry to much. Childbirth is natural, don't think about it, hop to the hospital, get hooked up to some machines , and push the baby out sometime later. Unless the doc thinks it's necessary to have a caesarean.... (which 50 % of the women here do there's quite a few doctors deeming it necessary.) but still..if the doc says must be so.

Most important thing for him is a healthy baby.

Me, I don't trust doctors. And am flabbergasted at the numbers of women receiving "necessary" caesareans (particularly in my foreign country of residence) ... and I could be wrong but I'm assuming that giving birth is an "experience" I want to remember. Of course, most say the same about losing one's virginity...and although I can "remember" it... I can't say it was any landmark event or rite of passage that changed me forever-- so perhaps I overplay the importance of the "birth experience" as well.

But, I assume any experience that involves breaking membranes in the pussy-esque region will always be deemed a large event and rite of passage for most women. Whether it involves entering or exiting paraphernalia, really matters not. it's all about the membranes, baby. and fear factor too, i suppose.

anyways... so it's both my and my husband's preconceptions of what a birth is and should be that is leaving us rather irate these days.

what is good.

the best, also involves him. tis the kisses on the belly, the excited "you keep on growings" to the bump... and the kindness that we are trying to nourish together. knowing that there is more life between us-- than life between us. :)
caramama said…
Karen - The heartburn! How could I forget the heartburn! It was horrible through the entire pregnancy.

MrsMogul - Congrats on the pregnancy!

OneTiredEma - When I complain about how long I have not been getting a full nights sleep regularly, I include pregnancy months. It really does start then.

Shellie - I didn't have the stomach flu, but I had food posioning at about 7 months. It was so horrible, I don't even want to get into it.

limboland la la - That is a tough situation. I know you talked once about finding a duola, which I highly recommend. When even my duola agreed that I should have a c-section, that was when I knew it was the right decision. GL!

And yeah, Londo talking to my belly was pretty sweet. I did love that, and most of the movements of the baby were pretty cool.
Dana said…
I didn't enjoy how unpredictable labor can be. You have no idea how and when everything is going to play out. Luckily, little missy waited until after my last day of work. (12 hrs after my last day!)

I thought it was a great feeling always having this little being there with me throughout my day. And in the womb she was very low maintenance! ...the calm before the storm.
ImpostorMom said…
I was pretty miserable there at the end so I'm gonna say that was the worst part. Not sleeping at the end and just that uncomfortable OMG this baby needs to get out feeling.

What I loved most was not having to share him with the world. Knowing he was safe at any given moment. Knowing that we were sharing something that no one else got to share. That made me pretty happy.

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