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Think They'll Come Out and Play?

Hey, internetters! Be sure to go to The Rocking Pony and tell us all your most embarrassing story! Have you seen what you could win? Karen is amazing! And she said that if she gets over 100 comments, she will do two giveaways. I've posted two of my embarrassing stories, and there are many other very funny ones to enjoy.

Well, I'm feeling amazingly better. I'd like to publically thank the Pumpkin for sleeping until 5:30ish and Londo for getting her and co-sleeping with her for another hour. I actually got to sleep in until my alarm went off at 6:00. Then, I SNOOZED!!! I know, it's crazy. And then, I got up and washed up and did my make up and pulled up my hair... all without having to juggle a baby or stop in the middle to grab her or spot her climbing up on things. It was such a great morning, and I'm in such a better mood.

A good enough mood to tell you all about my Big Idea. Just last week, I had two different friends (who are also new moms) say to me on the SAME DAY "It's enough to drive me to drink." Ha! I feel that way lately, too. But we can't all become alcoholics, sneaking shots of vodka from bottles hidden behind towels while the baby plays with empty pill bottles. That's no way to live, and I know that none of us want that at all.

So what can be done for us overwhelmed parents who have little ones depend on us to be stable and care for them in every way? Well, I really believe that we were not meant to raise children alone. We are social animals, and social animals raise their children together. Think of lions raising their cubs or all of the primates raising their simian babies. They all sit around and watch the little ones together. They do not leave the babies alone with just one mama to fend for themselves. I believe that humans as a species were made to raise our children together, but that our culture (at least here in the US) is one that encourages independence to such a degree that we feel we have to do it all by ourselves. I don't believe that we should expected ourselves or others to do it alone.

Okay, so there was my little rant. But I really did have an idea. A Big Idea. This spring, when the weather gets a bit warmer and I get a bit more energy, I am going knocking on doors in my neighborhood. From the time we moved in while I was in the second trimester of pregnancy, I've made a mental note of houses who have had balloons or outside storks celebrating the birth of babies. I'm going to go round to those houses, knock on the doors, and ask the moms and dads if they want to be part of a playgroup. A neighborhood playgroup where we all get to know each other, go to the playgrounds together, go hang out at the neighborhood pool together. Watch out for each other. Help each other. Be neighbors like I had growing up, where everyone knew each other and watched over the kids as a community.

And since I'm not a shy person (quite the opposite, as the strangers in the elevator with me could tell you), I figure I'll be the one to make the effort. I have found such a great online community at Ask Moxie and on a online buddy group I'm part of, and I'm always wishing that I could do more to help out online friends who are in need. I was so happy to be able to help my real-life friend by going visit her, help her pack and help with her baby recently. But rather than having break downs behind our closed doors of our houses, putting all the pressure on our partners, and suffering from PPD or just general hardships in silence, we should be knocking on our neighbor's doors and seeing if those around us need help. I will start.

If you live in my neighborhood, I hope you will answer the door when I knock and come out and play with me and the Pumpkin. We can talk and watch the kids together. When one of us needs help, we could help each other. We can become a community and be better and stronger for it. And the ones who will benifit the most? The children.


I would open the door for you.

ImpostorMom said…
That's a great idea. You'll have to keep us posted on how that is progressing when the weather starts getting better.

Unfortunately for me, I don't have too many children or babies in my neighborhood. I do have quite a few friends with small children though.
Becoming Mommy said…
That sounds like a wonderful idea! I wish more people in my neighborhood who had kids were english speakers.
I do want to teach Sasha as much Spanish as possible, but mine is terribly rusty. I do not feel comfortable speaking it unless I am forced to.
Dana said…
I'm a shy neighbor but thankfully we have some really out-going people on our street. In the summer we have happy hours outside and the kids run wild up and down the street. I love it! This past fall a little boy moved in across the street that is the same age as our little girl. I can't wait for them to join the other kids with their newly found walking legs.

So, thanks for those out-going neighbors like you! Us shy guys need you and appreciate your effort :-)
Cloud said…
I'd totally come out and play, but I live on the opposite side of the country (unless you are a transplanted Redskins fan).

My neighborhood is mostly old folks. Really. My next door neighbor is 95. They are all the original owners of the houses that are now worth 20x what they paid for them (really. 20x.) because if you expand you might have a view of water. If you don't expand, though, most families consider them too small. We lived in a much smaller apartment before we bought our house, though, so we love our place. And dream about expanding so we can see our view without a stepladder.... Anyway, a neighborhood play group is unlikely. But I'm tempted to start knocking on doors looking for sweet little old lady babysitters!

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