Saturday, April 5, 2008

Cara Figlia - You Are an Angel... In Public

Cara figlia,

You are so good when we are out in public or around other people. And I am really thankful for that. You are always smiling and laughing and interested in what's going on. People are constantly asking me, "Doesn't she ever cry?" or "Is she always this good?"

I wish I could tell them that you never cry and that you are always that good. But that would be lying, and I try to be honest. I laugh and tell these people to come over at our house when you are up in the middle of the night or sit in a car ride with us or try to take the remote control away from you. Then they would see the truth you hide so well.

You just have always been a fussy girl. And that's okay with us, we can deal with it. But you really are giving people the wrong impression. Maybe you are just like your mama and naturally seem to look like you have it together, even if you aren't feeling that way. But then when I insist that it's been a bumpy ride with you as you are giggling and saying "hello," people look at me like I'm just making it up. I insist that you will be fine for now, but melt down in the car, and they scoff or humor me without really understanding.

I supposed it could be worse and you could be throwing tantrums in front of everybody. Hmmm, yeah thanks for not doing that! I take it all back. Keep acting like the perfect angel in front of everyone else. I can only imagine the looks I'd get if you were fussy all the time in public!

Ti amo,


La folle maman said...

It's great that Pumpkin is good in public. You are very blessed. And who knows, maybe she IS taking cues from you. They are very intuitive creatures, aren't they?!

Our Monkey is good in public for the most part but getting loud now that he's discovered screaming for fun. Unfortunately, he's always hated a pacifier so using it as a plug for the screaming doesn't work. He just wants to be heard!

Your post also reminds me of how I felt sometimes when I used take Monkey to the doctor for his acid reflux. He'd be spitting up, fussy and coughing at home and then voila, cured child at the doctor's office!

OneTiredEma said...

Heh, your day will come :-) Some time between now and 2011 you will want to leave her at Staples.

I know what you mean though. AM has all the grad students at the speech clinic (mostly women in their early 20s) wrapped around his chubby little finger. They coo and call him the cutest thing ever. (Which he is.)

But then I say that the graveyard shift at our house is up for grabs. And nobody volunteers. Hmph. said...

When people meet our son they always say "He must be such a great baby" or "is he always this happy?"
Because HE LOVES people, HE loves new places, situations and stimulation.
It's home that he melts down, or in the car.... I feel ya, I just keep thinking "at least he has one thing down right"

My Buddy Mimi said...

I had a coworker that had a baby that was always an angel in public. He got so annoyed with people that wouldn't believe she ever cried or fussed that he started calling their voicemails when she was screaming at full volume at 2 AM.