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Question of the Week - Pimp Your House

I know I haven't been around in a while. We went to the inlaws this weekend, which went pretty well, except for the 5-6 hour car trip each way with a little girl who HATES the car. Oh, and the migraine I've had on and off all weekend. That's fun with a screaming kid in the car. Real fun.

On the bright side, I have been relaxing by watching decorating shows and reading decorating books and magazines. I'm so ready to start organizing and cleaning and hanging and rearranging. As soon as I have any free time (what's that again?) and don't have a headache, I'll get right on that spring cleaning.

I did catch the end of an episode of Cribs, in which I got to see Jewel's house. GORGEOUS! And last week, one of the radio shows asked each other a good question that I'm stealing for this week's question.

Question of the Week:
What Crib-like feature would you want for your house?

I was thinking of a fantabulous, fantasy pool or maybe a macked-out kitchen, but then I realized I would want a really amazing library. Maybe even a library wing! I'm talking a two-stories high, large, open room, with a balcony that lined the second level and ladders that go up to the top shelves on each level. With comfy chairs nestled together in front of windows and a large fireplace, soft, deep rugs and lots of lamps and maybe a beautiful chandelier. A room that is light and airy, but with a dark, intellectual decor. The books would all be grouped in genre and then alphabetical, and they would all be logged in a program on the computer. There would be a work table as well as a couple desks with computers.

That is my idea of heaven in a house. How about you?


Becoming Mommy said…
Probably an indoor, heated pool.

Hubby would say a garage outfitted with all the gear and stuff to be a real workspace.
ImpostorMom said…
For me it would be a toss up between a ginormous gourmet kitchen with massive amounts of storage including lots and lots of cabinet space, pantry, large freezer and refrigerator, counter space and the worlds quietest dishwasher.


A ginormous spa-like bathroom suite attached to the master bedroom. Huge tub, huge shower (big enough to accommodate a bench) multiple sinks and lots and lots of storage so things can be put away. This would bathroom suite would also include a huge walk-in closet equipped with all the necessary storage devices to make everything easy to find and put in their proper places.

So you know, nothing big. :P

Oh and a playroom would be nice too. You know while I'm dreaming.
Anonymous said…
I want a bathtub big enough to fit my increasingly pregnant self with room to spare. And a cleaning lady.
La folle maman said…
I have to second both of impostormom's suggestions.

I'd love a really big kitchen with plenty of storage, a quiet dishwasher and custom cabinetry that's really ergonomic or fits with the "flow" of the kitchen.


A huge master bath with one of those Kohler infinity tubs where the water looks like it's running over the side with mood lighting and of course, jets. ;)

If all of these things could also be GREEN (not the color, the concept) like the countertops, flooring, ecetera, that would be awesome, too!
limboland la la said…
i wanna silent room. just a room where i can't hear anybody else. and it needs a view. I need a goddamn room with a view. that's silent.
Rudyinparis said…
Awwww, you want a library! Me too. I actually want a separate out building--doesn't need to be big--to serve as a library/writing/daydreaming space.
Shellie said…
I want all kinds of crazy things. First I want a house built with my kind of kid in mind, then later, when they're gone update to a more grown up kind of house, but my house would have all kinds of fun things like a slide to get downstairs and a cement floor in the kitchen with a slight grade and drains at the end so you could just hose down when dinner is done. :) And a trampoline room. With a metal detector outside it. And then about 4001 other ideas. It's a future post I think. I would also love a cold storage room, a sunroom and an aviary. Real color on the walls, oh I better just stop this!

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