Wednesday, April 2, 2008

What's Going On With Us

I'd been doing pretty well with posting at night before bed lately. But last night, after spending some quality time with Londo, it was too late and I was too tired to even turn on my computer. Or as Londo said, "I sexed you up so good, you can't even blog!"*

Anywho... I don't have time to write the two longish posts that I've started. That will have to wait until tonight and tomorrow night. Or when I can next get to them. You see, not only am I crazy busy at work, but we are having house guests! Londo's cousin and his wife are coming up to visit DC and are staying with us. We get along with them really well, and I'm looking forward to hanging with them in the evenings. So we'll just have to see what kind of time that leaves me for blogging.

Hey, remember the post when I mentioned how the Pumpkin was sleeping really well at night? Remeber how Burgh Baby's Mom said that she hoped I didn't jinx it? Yeah, I totally jinxed it. We had a few really tough nights in a row after that. However, last night, she slept straight through until after 7:00 this morning. When she woke up, she was happy and played in her crib a little while.

I'm just hoping that she sleeps through the nights and wakes up happy while our house guest are with us. The guest room is right next to her nursery, and these cousins don't yet have kids. Hearing the Pumpkin on a crying jag on and off all night and into the morning might just scare them off of kids.

Well, that's the update for now. What's going on with you all?

Londo didn't think I'd really share that with you... He even dared me to do it. I did it. Because I'll say almost anything. And because the sex was so very good, how could I keep that to myself? hehe.

5 comments: said...

Sex so good you can't help but blog about it :) Woot
I too jinxed the sleep and it's gone all to hell!

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Sorry you jinxed yourself. I was hoping by speaking of the jinx, I would somehow manage to jinx myself into being wrong, thereby sparing you the jinx. Sucks it didn't work.

I'm Not Skippy said...

Sex? What?

I'm jealous.

La folle maman said...

Hey, nobody can fault you for choosing sex over blogging!

Hope all goes well this weekend with the visitors in town!

Shellie said...

I finally cleaned the whole house and got caught up on the dishes. I think maybe Londo's quote would make a great challenge for my husband. :)