Sunday, May 4, 2008

Cara Mama - Fun Weekends

Cara Mama,

You may say these weekends are busy, but I just call them fun! I get to meet new people and see family*! And everyone laughs when I clap and giggle! And I get to run around in new place, either stores or grassy fields! I'm having so much fun, and you know how I love to be busy.

Let's be this busy every weekend! What do you mean it's killing you? I don't understand what you mean by "you don't have the energy." What if I nap at least once a day? I can't promise sleeping through the night, but I will sleep at least part of the night. Surely that's enough sleep to spend the weekend days running around, right?

Ti amo,

*I just wanted to note that the Pumpkin's Godfather and his about-to-be wife are considered family.

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Shellie said...

Oh to have the energy of youth!

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