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Home Again

Well, we are back. And that was maybe the most exhausting vacation I've ever taken. Oh my goodness! You'd think a week at the beach would be relaxing, but with two toddlers in non-baby proofed environments... Let's just say I'm ready for a vacation now that we are back from vacation. hehe.

But of course, it's still been one thing after another. Between household projects (I can finally get to the back of my closet!!), the dog returning from boarding with a UTI, and the hot water going out, we are still feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Wow. Am I always complaining? Let me say some good things, because we all had a great time.

Seeing my little girl and my friends girl playing on the beach was priceless! They were so adorable. Apparently, the Pumpkin loves playing in the sand. We realized that we will have to buy one of those sand tables or something for her, because she enjoyed it so much. And about the bathing suits? I take part of that back. I totally get the surfer tops and separate bottoms. The one piece I had without snaps was difficult to change her, and I worried so much about her sweet shoulders burning, that I just ended up keeping her in her shirt and shorts anyway. So I bought a surfer top and separate bottom when we went shopping, although she didn't have a chance to wear it. We'll try it out at the pool probably next weekend. I was thinking tomorrow, but only if it's not incredibly hot again.

My friend and I were able to ditch leave our precious children with my hubby and dad and go to the beach by ourselves for about an hour and a half. It wasn't the best weather (it was raining on and off all week) with clouds and cold wind, but we loved it. We just laid down on the beach in our shorts and shirts and enjoyed the sun and ocean.

Londo got to go golfing two days in a row with my dad. I wish I could have gone, but I've had a problem with my hip and have had to give up golfing for a few years because the swing motion was no good for my hip. It's been better since physical therapy, but then I was pregnant. I'm hoping to pick it back up sometime soon. But Londo and my dad had a great time, and my friend and mom and I went outlet shopping with the toddlers. And that was fantastic! We also went another day with the guys. I got some great shoes and some clothes for work. Mostly, I bought the Pumpkin a ton of clothes in the next size up. She will be very well dressed, and I got great deals.

What else? I finished a good romance novel, I went out for breakfast one morning with my friend (as we used to back when we lived near each other and didn't have kids), I got to hang a bit with my parents, and I got to spent a lot of quality time with the Pumpkin and Londo. We had such a good time. And, I love Baby Signing Time. My energizer bunny finally sits still and watches the whole thing. It's definitely time to buy Volume 2 (and 3 and 4 and 5...). Mama needs a break every now and then.

It's nice to be home again. Londo and I are looking forward to returning to our normal routine. Oh, and the Pumpkin's second molar has finally poked through. Last night she slept until 5:45 (why couldn't that have happened while on vacation?), so hopefully the worst of our nights are over for a while.


Karen said…
Sounds like a fun vacation! How fun that Pumpkin likes to play in the sand.
Anonymous said…
Sounds like a great vacation, considering that you had a toddler in tow.

It's tough when your kid watches a signing video without you though. They try to tell you things, and then you have to go back and watch them to figure out what they are saying.
Tranny Head said…
I'm glad you enjoyed (and figured out a solution to the bathing suit question)! I'm glad Sumo can just wear trunks.
Becoming Mommy said…
Sounds like you had a good time! I hope ours in a few weeks goes so well.
BisBink said…
Glad you had a great vacation. I can't wait to go to OC/Bethany in September! Though I know I will be dealing with a non-toddler proofed place also.
La folle maman said…
Sounds like taking a toddler to the beach wasn't so bad. I've been having nightmares of Monkey running straight into the ocean. Hopefully, he'll have the same obesession about the sand!

Sorry to hear about the hot water but at least it's summer when a cold isn't so bad (not ideal, of course).

Can't wait to have lunch! We'll have to figure out a good weekend!
Colleen said…
sounds like you had a fantastic time! sun, sand, and shopping with friends and family...what more could you ask for? :)

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