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This Is the Way We Wash Our Hands

Some people don't wash their hands after using the bathroom. We've all seen it happen, and there have even been studies about it. You're in a public restroom and a person leave the stall (or I suppose walks away from a urinal in the men's room) and walks right out the door, not even pausing at the sinks. We all know that there are people out there who do this.

I have no idea why someone would do this! It's not hygienic and it's incredibly gross. Bathrooms are dirty, and bacteria are spread when people don't wash their hands. Spread from urine and feces! Really, what is wrong with those people who don't wash their hands? Didn't their parents teach them this essential bit of hygiene?!?!?!

The other day, I learned (by anecdotal stories, not as an eye witness, thank goodness) that there are people who don't wash their hands and then go to parties and take food (like chips) out of serving bowls WITH THEIR DIRTY HANDS!!!

I don't know why I never considered this before. I guess I try to live in my little bubble world where people don't really do that. (Who would do this?!?!) But apparently, I have coworkers who have seen it happen. I'm happy to say that the known offenders are people I have not worked with nor been to the same parties with, but who knows what others people are out there with their dirty hands sticking them into food that I want.

Just gross.

So parents? Please, please, please teach your children the importance of good hand washing after using the bathroom and before eating. Want a tip for making sure you and the kiddos are washing them long enough? Sing Happy Birthday twice as you lather and rinse! It's never too early to start. My little one loves to wash her hands, and she'll insist "hans. hans. hans." until I hold her up to reach the water and soap. And she's only 16 months old! Start early and be consistent. Model this behavior as well!

And don't bring the book with you into the store bathroom. It will get flagged. Now, if only we could flag the people who don't wash their hands after using the bathroom...


La folle maman said…
I've recently tried the "hold up to the sink" method and Monkey is so wiggly that I can barely manage. We've been using washcloths to take care of his hands up until now but that's get to be a pain and I think actually washing his hands in the sink is a good idea going forward. I wish I had one of those low sinks like they have in kindergarten classrooms! That would be awesome!
I'm Not Skippy said…
I wash my hands after using the bathroom, let me state that first.

As a guy, you walk into a public bathroom, touch your pants and your boy parts (both of which are probably cleaner than anything else in the bathroom). Once you finish you must touch one thing in the bathroom, the toilet handle (unless the urinal is an auto flush or you choose not to flush).

Then if you choose to wash your hands you touch the soap dispenser, the faucet, and possibly the button for the hand dryer or lever for the paper towel dispenser. THEN you leave via the door which normally is a pull to open door.

If I don't wash my hands I've possibly touched one thing contaminated by the germs of other people. If I do wash, I touch at least 3-4. Then, even if I washed and managed to keep the microbial vermin off of my hands, I touch the door handle and it's all for nothing (I'll normally do the paper towel to open the door thing).

Again, I wash, but I sometimes think it's silly.
I am obsessive about hand washing, especially since I live in a big city and take public transportation to and from work. I'm starting to teach le Petit that we wash our hands before eating or cooking, and I always model washing up after changing his diaper. And when we start potty training, you bet I'll be teaching him that hand washing is an essential part of the deal.

For the moment, I either use hand wipes or I sit him on the edge of the sink and use the tap. He likes playing with the water.

So, yeah, it seems absolutely obvious to me!
- Dana said…
I have a rash now on one of my hands from the constant hand washing (it's been there for almost 2 yrs)! Since our little girl was born it's been a million times a day, with the diapers, pumping, bottles, feeding... Dang thing is never going to heal! I even resorted to wearing a glove when I gave her a bath to give the rash a break from water. She actually thought it was quite funny.

I too agree the no hand-washing thing is quite gross.
Trooper Thorn said…
My kids seem to be reluctant to flush even after Number 2. I pass it off as being regular disgusting, idiotic fart machines and they will grow out of it. But there are adults in my office who don't flush too. There have been non-flushing grownups in every organization I have worked for.

What's the deal? If it means so much take a picture and send it on it's way.

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