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Question of the Week - Geek Out

I'm a geek. I totally admit it. I don't think I look like a geek or usually act like one. But once you get to know me, it's not long until you realize it. If you know me in real life, you've known it for a long time. If you've been reading me for more than, oh, a day, you probably have already realized it.

I'm a geek. But not just because I can be a general geeky person. I am a geek because of the things I like and do. Want to hear all the ways I'm a geek? Sure you do!

-Blog Geek: I believe going to a blogging conference has put me firmly in the category of Blog Geek. Not to mention that I coordinate DC Area get togethers of bloggers and commenters. (Stay tuned, because there will be another one VERY SOON!)

-Science Geek: I love science and read science books and magazines. In fact, my thesis for my Masters pertained to Mars, which included analyzing history, science and pop culture pertaining to the Red Planet. Also, I recently made a geeky reference to Schrödinger's cat which was quite amusing to me and the other science geek.

-Sci-Fi Geek: Oh, I am. I am. Big time. My favorite show of all time is/was Farscape. I love the Star Treks except Enterprise (but no, I'm not a Trekker) and other sci-fi TV, movies, books, you name it. Although I have never been to a conference, but I would totally go to one. I would not dress up if I went. I'm not quite that geeky (not that there's anything wrong with that). But I have dressed up as sci-fi characters for Halloween, including Princess Leia and Chiana from Farscape.

I'm sure I've got many other varieties of geek in me. In fact, if any of you know another one, feel free to put it in the comments. But for now, let's get to the Question of the Week:

What kind of geek are you?

I mean, we all have a little geek in us, right? Be it technology, animal obsession, blogging, just about everyone has a passion that puts them right into the geek category. What is yours?


ImpostorMom said…
I'd say I'm definitely in the SciFi Geek camp. Oh and technology for sure. And I seem to play a fair share of video games these days (including completely schooling two guys at work in Mario Kart, heh that was fun)
OneTiredEma said…
Grammar geek. I am very passionate about the Chicago Manual of Style. People who don't use the serial comma piss me off (a little).
K8 said…
Let me see. Books, sewing (most specifically historical costumes), knitting, birth, sf, gaming of various types... possibly blogging, although it's always been more about reading them than posting on my own. On the other hand, I took a picture of a pizza I made last night so that I could blog about it!
heSaid said…
You totally outed yourself! I too am a geek.

Computer Geek - I am a software developer and get totally geeked (oops - hey lets use a word to define itself) about good software planning and database development.

Blog Geek - I truly want a shirt that says "I'm Blogging this" because everyday in many situation something happens and I think, I must blog about this.

Sci-Fi Geek - Seriously, FireFly and Serenity could turn anyone.

Physics Geek - I am currently taking a physics class, and even though teachers can make or brake a class, and mine is breaking it, I am totally excited and find myself explaining life with the use of physics every day.

Geeks can be cool too!
I'm Not Skippy said…
Hi, I'm Not Skippy and I am a geek too.

I'm an apple geek, I haven't gone as far as getting an iphone or getting every new mac laptop released (though I'd like to), but I love my macs (yes plural). I have an apple sticker on my car's back windshield. I have watched every keynote and announcement from Apple for the past 5 years or so.

I'm a design geek. I get excited by fonts. I devour illustrator tutorials. I always want the latest version of all my design software. I've been teaching myself CSS coding. I love learning how to create new design.

I'm a podcast geek. I somehow got on the podcast bandwagon early. I listen to TWIT, Jumping Monkeys, a couple NPR shows, and three music podcasts. I watch Diggnation and Tiki Bar TV. I love the idea of media online vs satellite.

I'm a parenting geek. I studied everything I could about my wife's pregnancy. I read about how to raise my son, I follow other parent bloggers (like your Carra Mama), I have baby gadgets, I subscribe to Parents, and I have googled "baby poop color."

My geekiness spreads out into other things. . . science, cooking, technology, blogging, web comics, sci-fi, fantasy (only Terry Pratchett), music (classical, jazz and movie scores make me geeky), politics. . . I'm a geek about a lot of things.

And I'm proud of it.
z said…
Reading. I love to read and haven't had a chance to do nearly enough of it lately.
Becoming Mommy said…
I'm pretty much an uber geek. If I'd stayed in my field (energetic materials), it'd be way worse though. Between the b-movies, the comic collection, my lack of fashion sense and coordination, and so on I could have had my own character on The Big Bang Theory.

Leaving the sci/eng world, getting married (albeit to another ubergeek), and such saved me from a fate of only having a life thru Second Life or similar.

My geekness is really, really bad.
-goofydaddy said…
Movie geek—you name a movie, and chances are I've seen it or at least know what it's about, what year it came out, who stars in it. I know weird things about movies, like score composer, director, and other tidbits of trivia.

Music geek—I play four instruments (not at the same time) as well as listen to a wide range of music styles.

Adobe geek—been using Adobe programs since 1994. 'nuff said.

Star Trek/Star Wars geek—this would have been sci-fi geek, but really I specialize in those two. I have started reading other sci-fi books, but not enough yet to classify myself an all-around sci-fi geek.
Sharina said…
Another computer geek/ SW Dev here. And is there such a thing as a fashion geek? Because I love fashion magazines and fashion shows and I can spend hours looking at fashion pools on Flickr.
Anonymous said…
Fonts used to be my thing but then my career shifted away from design to development. Now that it's shifting back, I'm starting to love them again. Can't say I ever had that same love for object oriented programming.

I also used to be very knowledgeable about comedians. I still love stand-up and try to watch/download new comedians. He's not all that new to comedy but I'm loving Daniel Tosh lately. Good stuff! It's been hard since having Monkey to actually go SEE comedians but I hope to see a show soon.
nutmeg96 said…
Londo and I had a *quite* heated discussion about the Large Hadron Collider. That's how big a geek I am.
Cloud said…
Well, I'm reasonably computer geeky, although not as much as you'd expect for someone in my field.

I'm also a science geek. I made a crack about Schroedinger's Nanny over on Moxie once.

I used to be a big Star Trek geek, but I haven't had time to keep up lately.
caramama said…
I'm so glad everyone is freely admiting their geekiness!

Oh and I'm a grammar geek, computer geek (hello, I work in IT!), a bookworm geek, and a research geek (currently, it's parenting research). You all reminded me.

Cloud - I remember when you made that Schroedinger's Nanny crack. I thought it was so funny!
MommyEm said…
Long Live Farscape! I am definitely a scifi geek, as Caramama knows. I did an analysis of the female characters in Farscape in a Masters class and then grossed out fellow students in another class with an analysis of Ripley's relationship with the android Bishop in the Alien movies (with movie clips, including the icky demolished Bishop in Aliens 3). While I was pregnant, my husband won the Husband of the Year award by getting me one Farscape Starburst Collection DVD every month. The best part was that they always showed up when I was having the worst day!
Charisse said…
Oh my, what am I NOT a geek about? UX and technology, of course, professionally. Language and languages, for sure. Cooking. Science fiction (Caramama, I did not know we had this in common--we must exchange favorite titles sometime!) Yoga.

Someone heard me describe Mouse as a little geeklet and said I shouldn't put down my child that way, and I busted up because, hello? In my world, compliment.
Burgh Baby said…
T minus three days until I turn into a Christmas geek. ;-)
Colleen said…
hmmmm....full-time working and full-time motherhood has nearly killed all geekiness, but I'd have to say:

Book Geek (or rather, bookworm)
Blog Geek (though I've been slacking badly lately...stupid work!)
Religion Geek (my degree is in Religious Studies)
Sci-Fi-Cop-Court Geek (think X-Files, Fringe, 11th Hour)

I'm sure there are other areas I'm forgetting.

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