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Supergenius Knows Her Diaper

The Pumpkin wears Huggies Overnites diapers to bed. These diapers have Mickey Mouse is on the diaper, which she and I have talked about before. (Click here and look at the size 5 diapers to see the picture that we talk about.) So last night, as I'm putting her diaper on, and we have this conversation:

Pumpkin: Mouse!
caramama: Yes, that's Mickey Mouse on your diaper. What's he doing?
Pumpkin: Mouse seeping. (Mouse is sleeping.)
caramama: That's right! And who is with him?
Pumpkin: Teddy bear!
caramama: That's right! You are so smart!

I still can't get over that I can ask her real questions and she can answer. It really just floors me. While she's not ahead of all milestones, she really is quite amazing with her communication skills. In fact, recently a friend mentioned that she keeps thinking that the Pumpkin is older than she really is. I said that it was probably because she is so ahead with talking. Londo looked at me and asked, "Really?" I just nodded and said, "Oh, yeah. Most kids have some words and phrases right now but don't communicate as well as our girl. This is just an area that she happens to be ahead in." (I want to be sure I set his expectations for any future kids, as well as friends and relatives kids.)

I've got a post I'm working on in which I'm going to list a bunch of cute things we taught her to say, some that we didn't teach her, and some that she taught us. I'll probably post that next week.

I also have another post in which I want to note the areas in which the Pumpkin isn't up to or ahead of the milestones (besides sleep and self-soothing), because she has those areas too. Although she is a supergenius!


Cloud said…
Our Pumpkin isn't quite so advanced in communication. However, this morning she looked up from her breakfast and asked for ice cream. Several times. I'm just amazed that she now remembers foods that she hasn't had in weeks!

I am NOT amazed that ice cream is apparently her new favorite food. After all, my favorite thing about being pregnant was getting to eat lots of ice cream.
Shellie said…
How exciting and fun!
Burgh Baby said…
I'm with you--it's very disconcerting to have a "real" conversation with someone who doesn't seem old enough for all that. Go, Pumpkin!
Anonymous said…
Pumpkin does have amazing language skills! I was very impressed when we had dinner together!

BTW, those diapers are the bee knees, aren't they? It's amazing how much they'll hold!
HeatherY said…
I am going through the same thing too. This little baby that used to just babble in her own language is now speaking mine. Learning to follow instructions is amazing to me too.
Trannyhead said…
That is fun! Sumo's not there yet ... he's I think 5 months younger than Cara. But it still makes me all excited when I ask him "What's that?" and he can point at it and say, "cat" or "airplane" or whatever. I also get a kick out of telling him things like "Give Grandpa a kissie" and he goes and does it. LOVE that!

Good for Cara! She's totally hawt.
Charisse said…
Oh, so fun!! A word to the wise, passed to me from one of Mouse's favorite toddler-school teachers:

a lot of people in the world will expect your child's behavior to correspond with her language ability, especially if she looks older than her age (this definitely applies to Mouse, who is both large and rather advanced on hair growth--she had full ponytails by 2, and these days is regularly taken for 6 although she is just 4 1/2). Don't let these people freak you out--they are looking at your child, seeing a child a year or more older, and wondering why on earth you're letting her get away with that tantrum...etc. They will also expect other skills to match, i.e. coordination and whatnot. It is NOT bragging if at some point you feel the need to let these people know Pumpkin's actual age--it will reset their expectations correctly...and also, it's easy to do this yourself --we are constantly having to remind ourselves as parents that Little Miss Proper Grammar is only 4 and cannot be expected to have fully eliminated whining from her repertoire. (Note to self, again!) :)
OneHappyCow said…
I have said this a gazillion times on here, our girls sound so similar! I wish I lived near you (about 3-4 hrs south in VA) so we could get the girls together. Anyways, I SO hear you on the talking thing. Hilarious and scary all at the same time. Helpful and hindrance at times, depending on what/when she is saying. I love it though, gives me an inkling as to what is going on in that little mind. Also, my verbal "supergenius" lacks the sleep and self-soothing skills also. Maybe they are so far ahead in the language department and the other areas just need to catch up. Here's hoping:)

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