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Question of the Week - Gifts For/From You

For many of us, this is the season for giving and receiving gifts. Of course, I have not yet done my Christmas shopping. Or gotten cards out. Or done my holiday baking. And the only decorating that has been done was by my husband (thanks Londo!). I have had some major deadlines going on at work, winter is not my good time of year (because of the Seasonal Affective Disorder), the toddler is STILL not sleeping well, and the pregnancy is making me exhausted. I can barely keep up with the housework (okay, I'm not keeping up with it), let alone do extra holiday things.

But this week, I am determined to take a half day at work and get my shopping done. Maybe even get some decorating done.

At least I've been thinking about it. I've been trying to figure out what gifts to give, and what gifts do I want. We do Secret Santa for my family and Londo's, so that means I'm buying only one person in each family a gift. But we do buy gifts for all the children, and Londo and I will get each other a few things (under a dollar limit we've set). My family requested that our wish lists be sent out weeks ago. I sent out one for the Pumpkin, but not for me.

So here is today's two-part question of the week:
What gift(s) do you want this year? What gifts do you like to give?

As for me, I truly love gift certificates, especially to bookstores. There is no point in anyone buying me clothes, because I'm at the limit of my larger sizes in my closet and about to get into maternity wear. (I really did pop quicker with this child!) I'd like books, maybe some CDs, maybe DVDs, but really, I just have no idea. I hope whoever got me figures something out, because I sure can't.

I like to get the kids toys and/or books. If I know what style the adult likes, I might get clothes, but often I get books or games (like board games). Wow. Apparently, I'm all about the books. Luckily, so is my family and some of my in-laws! If I see something else that just looks right, I will get that.

One of my best gifts was a beautiful key chain engraved with names, which I got for my sister and brother's wife a few years ago. One was a purple butterfly and the other was a blue flower. They were really lovely, and both ladies actually still have them on their key chains!

How about you? What gifts to you like to receive and give? Was there any big gift that was especially a big hit? Share some ideas with me... I need them!


ImpostorMom said…
my husband totally made fun of my wish list this year. He said it made him laugh because it consisted of a bunch of video games, a new video game system, and a sonic tooth brush. I have since added a digital picture frame, a magazine subscription, a book and child carrier. What can I say, I'm a complicated woman!

I really want the tooth brush but for some reason my husband thinks that is a lame present. You know what he asked electric razor. How in the world is that any different!? Oh I know, I actually BOUGHT him the razor. :|

Who knows what I'll end up getting. As for giving, everyone in our family gets a calendar filled with pictures of Boog from this year. This is the second year I've done it and it was a big hit last year. I've also done some photobooks and my MIL is getting a digital picture frame loaded with pictures of our family. I suppose I give gifts centered around photos and my child.

The younger kids get toys and the older ones get gift cards. Although I did buy my 16-year-old niece a keychain with a real scorpion encased in it. She likes anything with shock value. I think it's gross. :P

I'm a big fan of getting gift cards as well, especially starbucks. Gotta fund that habit.
Becoming Mommy said…
I like to receive gifts that I can use or that show the giver knows me well and is giving me something they thought would give me a little joy. And I'm not an expensive or difficult person to shop for. Kitchen items like oven mitts are something I always seem to need and are much appreciated. Also, obscure B-movies, books by classic sci-fi/horror writers, etc. are, though less useful.
What I can't understand, are things that don't give ANY thought to the receiver or their well being at all. I've gotten lots of those. The best was a kitten. Anaphylaxis is fun!
I like to do useful, becasue people's tastes change so much. Like my brothers always get giftcards for oil changes.
sharina said…
I haven't even read the entire post yet. I saw "the pregnancy is making me exhausted" and had to go back and figure out when I missed that announcement. CONGRATS!!!! I am so happy for you and your husband :)
-goofydaddy said…
I really feel like this post was directed towards me. don't worry about getting me anything this year, really! ;-)

but, for anyone who does want to get me a gift, books and DVDs are the way to go. and since i'm so picky, I prefer giftcards. Itunes giftcards are good too.
I'm Not Skippy said…
How boring is this? I asked for a dirt devil electric broom. I did have a couple Wii games on there too. Sweaters, an office chair, a new food processor. . . when did adult stuff overtake toys on my list?

As for a gift from my wife there's only one thing I really want.
BisBink said…
I remember getting those keychains together, and still use mine too.

We do a calendar with the Main Man's pictures for our parents and my grandparents. We are also giving some gift certificates purchased with our credit card points.

The hubby and I usually don't exchange gifts, since we are always getting want we need/want throughout the year. We have bought the Main Man some trucks and books.

As for receiving, I never know what I want. This year I am just grateful I still have a job. We will see how 2009 goes with that.
Cloud said…
Hubby and I are too busy this year to figure out what to get each other, so we agreed to buy a new TV and call that our gifts.

I find the whole gift giving thing stressful, probably because I am in an anti-gift card family. I like to give books, but it is hard to keep up on what everyone has already read.

Hubby and his sister exchange gifts that are borderline gag gifts. They have a bit of a Jesus theme going, since neither is religious. We have a rubber Jesus ducky (yes, really- in his sister's defense, we DO have a rubber ducky collection) and something called the Holy Toast, which will imprint an image of the Virgin mary on your toast. Hubby almost gave his sister a surfing Jesus this year. Apologies to anyone offended by Hubby's sacrilege! (I talked him into slightly ridiculous kitchen gadgets instead- another theme).
Anonymous said…
DH and I now exchange something big which counts for both Christmas and our birthdays. Last year it was new appliances, this year it's a blu-ray player and a new bed (yes, again for those of you who know us well -- we're a bit picky when it comes to mattresses -- our current one is only 5 years old).

But from others, I usually like gift cards, movies and health/beauty items like the expensive lotion I use for the breakouts on my arms. One tube at Christmas lasts a whole year!

I like to give stuff people can actually use or something odd at least that they wouldn't buy for themselves. It's hard sometimes though, especially those that have everything they want, like my dad.
MommyEm said…
Please forgive the bah-humbug comments that are to follow, but I just did battle (and decidedly lost) with my MIL over a Christmas issue and I am in a particularly grinchy mood. I do not like getting or giving gifts at Christmas. For family reasons that will take to long to explain, I have grown to dislike the whole present aspect of Christmas. I like the lights, the food, the family getting together, the traditions, etc., but it all stops at the presents. So what I really want for Christmas is for Christmas to be more like Thanksgiving - food, family getting together, songs, trees, decorations, religious traditions of your choice - but no presents, thank you very much. Bah-humbug.
HeatherY said…
My husband and I aren't really exchanging gifts this year! We are basically focusing on Sweet Pea! My favorite thing to give are gifts that incorporate pictures that I've taken. All of our family love it and it is inexpensive and very personal!
paola said…
LOL. I'm not Skippy's last comment really made me last. I think my hubby would like the very same one.

This year we have decided to give each other money as the sales start on the 3rd so why pay full price when you can get the same thing for 30-50% cheaper. I need some work-clothes and a new hand-bag and hubby has his eyes on a new pair of shoes.

This year we paid for the new coat my MIL is having made. I thought that was a brilliant idea as it involved no running around on our behalf and everyone was happy. Other presents (for friends)are things you can eat/drink, like French wine and cheese (hubby goes to France weekly on business)or tea, and these are always quite popular(although starting to become a little predictable).

Santa is bringing the kids a toy kitchen with kitchen-ware and fake food. I even managed to convince Noah that it was his idea and not mine.
I Loving giving gifts that are a surprise and capture something about the gift receiver. But finances have and family politics have over taken it this year.

We are giving our babySaid calendars again (with more photos as requested by family and friends - I put amusing pictures on holidays and birthdays) some photos and photo flip books and homemade goodies. Notecard (I give them away too) mini loaves of banana bread, cookies and knitted things.

I also love receiving gifts. I dont buy myself much so my dh always gets me things I would never buy myself. thing too expensive (my camera) but always useful. everything on my list is useful.... and I love it that way.
Trannyhead said…
My hubby is coming home from Iraq on Saturday. It really is the only gift that I want for Christmas. Ever since I met him I've had some whopper Christmases. This one and the one when we got engaged and there was a ring box under the tree ....

Anyway, this year all I want is for him to show up. Well, that and to play with all of my kid's new toys ... Hehehe.

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