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Cara Mama - That's So Funny

Cara Mama,

Did you know how funny everything is? I'm really enjoying things lately. And I love to laugh! Not just when you tickle my neck or when you give zerberts (zrbtts) on my belly or play peek-a-boo, but when you sing songs or when I start walking or sometime for just no reason at all. I just find things funny and laugh about it.

Being 10 months old is pretty fun. And you and Dady are pretty fun, too. I've been laughing a lot lately, but I haven't floated up to any ceilings, even though you sign to me that laughing song! Now that would be REALLY funny!

Ti amo,

Cara Bambina - My Supergenius

Cara bambina,

You are a supergenius.* We've known this about you for a while, and we are not biased in any way. But this time, you have really amazed me.

You are walking.

That's right, my little 10-month-old baby, you did not take just one step, but multiple steps multiple times. I'm both incredibly impressed and very wary. Afterall, I have seen many toddlers recently be told to stay put, and the first thing they do is hurry off in the direction their parents don't want them to go. You are too young to understand instructions, and yet you will soon be toddling around... How am I going to keep track of you and keep you out of trouble? I am very nervous about this and all the extra work that will be involved.

But how can I not be impressed? You have developed all your gross motor skills early. I try to never brag, because every baby is different and it's just a fluke that you are an early roller/crawler/walker. Your daddy and I didn't do anything to make you this wa…

Daddy's Take: Things That Suck About Being the Grownup

I know there are a lot of other people out there just like me. You enjoyed your childhood and young adulthood and, even though you enjoy being a parent, you don't enjoy being the adult in the relationship. Here is a non-comprehensive list of things that suck about being the grownup:

1. Being the one that has to clean up the mess. Many times I wish I could simply hose off the Pumpkin (hmmm, maybe when Summer rolls back around...)

2. Being the one who has to hold the baby for her shots. I hate needles too, man, why should I have to hold my screaming infant down for this? Isn't this what I am paying the doctor/nurse for?

3. Just in general, having to be the responsible one. I want to play with the power outlets and eat things I find on the floor (well, not really, but I like to keep my entertainment options open).

4. Saying NO. Like, all the time. For example, "No Pumpkin, don't put that in your mouth" has become a fairly common utterance in my household.

5. Di…

Other People's Cute Kids

Remember how I said I was going to share good posts by other bloggers? Well, I'm going with a theme this time: Kids are cute.

Check out these bloggers cute kids:
Moxie's commenters tell some funny stories about kids and naming "private parts."

Burgh Baby gets her annual assessment, and I love everything about this post! (When I steal this idea, you all will know where I got it from.)

Here's a cute game played in the mothergoosemouse household.

Dutch tells how sweet Juniper isn't really into picking blueberries, but she is a ray of sunshine in the hospital.

Jezer's boy searching for the cat makes me think of how the Pumpkin will probably be doing the same before we know it.

So, just five this time. But five excellent ones. It's taking me entirely too long to go back and find the posts that I want to link to, and some I can't find, which is frustrating. I really need to just bookmark them when I read them.

BTW, did you know that PBS is showing Jane Austen …

And a Very Good Morning to You!

Well, I couldn't be in a much better mood. The sun is shining. Work is going pretty well, although super busy. And best of all--yes, you guessed it--the Pumpkin slept! Not just slept, but slept ALL NIGHT LONG in her very own crib. That does in fact mean that I slept all night long in my own bed without having to get up for any reason!

The details, cause I know you all want to know, are that I nursed her to bed starting around 7:30 and put her in her crib about 8:00. She stirred every now and then through the night, but stayed asleep or fell back asleep with nothing more than a whine or two with no help from Londo or me. She didn't wake up until just after 6:00!! I had gone to bed at 9:30, so that was about 8.5 hours of sleep for me! (Minus the times Londo's alarm kept going off. Goodness, that's annoying for it to go off every 10 minutes for almost an hour. I'm never in the room at that point, so I didn't realize how annoying that can be!)

I'm not worried tha…

Question of the Week - Dream Job

If you could do anything, what would your dream job be and why?

Me? I'd be a romance writer--a successful romance writer who writes good plots and characters. I would prefer romance as the genre because I tend to get caught up in what I write when I'm writing fiction, and I love romance novels because they always have a happy ending. I don't need to be caught up in the world of murder mysteries or dark dramas. Maybe I'd write sci-fi/fantasy or chic lit, but I would really love to write well-written, interesting, historically accurate historical romances or paranormal romances.

And you?

This Isn't Really a Post

I hope you weren't expecting much today. I've started another book, so I'm not online as much as usual. I did go with a romance because I forgot that I had a book in a series I enjoy, and I just had to know what happens next. Besides, it's not even halfway through the month, so I have plenty of time to read Jane Eyre. Also, we go to Water Babies today, so I have to get ready soon. Plus, I've been feeling pretty down lately and don't have it in me to write much.

I hope everyone out there is having a good day!