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Cara Bambina - Just You and Me, Kiddo

Cara bambina,

Well, Daddy's gone off with the guys for the weekend. You and I are going to have special Mama-Bambina time. This means you better be on your best behavior so Mama doesn't go nuts and pull out all her hair. I'm still losing so much hair since your birth, I can't spare to lose any more, so work with me here.

Yesterday evening--heck, all of yesterday when I had you, you whined pretty consistantly. I know your teeth are bothering you, but now that the 8th one (OMG! 8?!?!) finally poked through, I hope it will feel better and you will be less fussy. A mama can dream, can't she?

After I put you to bed, last night went pretty well. I heard you cry maybe twice around 1:30, but when I checked the video monitor, you were lying down and had already fallen back to sleep. That. Is. Awesome. Keep that up, please. I had hoped you would do the same at 5:45 this morning, but no luck. You cried, sat up, lied (layed?) back down, cried a little more, and then were standin…

Searches, Sleep, Solo and Self

Some random thoughts for today, cause I'm feeling random. And having thoughts.

Normally, I do my Cara Figlia posts on Friday's, but I think I'm going to change that and do them on Saturdays and the Cara Mama letters on Sundays. It just makes more sense to me.

I got more search hits yesterday than I have any other day of my blogging life. I know you are dying to know what the search terms were that brought people to my blog, especially because of yesterday's topic...
-"baby fidgeting night"
-"baby kicks fidgets while sleeping"
-"fidgeting while breastfeeding"
-"push me mama love"
-"things mothers say"
-"toddler hates having nose wiped"

I told you all I get a bunch of searches about the baby fidgets! The hits came from Canada, Bulgaria and the UK, and it looks like no one stayed to read. So I guess my twoposts about my fidgety baby did not help them. I do not quite get the search for &quo…

Flashing the High Beams

Who am I kidding by saying "flashing"? My headlights are stuck on high almost all the time. A friend and I were just talking about how our nipples are stuck in the "on" position pretty much since pregnancy. What is it about our pregnant and now nursing bodies that feel the need to announce to the world where our nipples are? I'm sure it's all part of helping the baby find the food source, but does the rest of the world need to know? As if I needed anything calling even more attention to my bignormous* mama breasts.

Someone please tell me it goes away. It must! But when?

Speaking of my boobs, Londo and I have realized that we can't keep referring to them as boobs, or even Magic Boobs, when talking to the Pumpkin. All the other names that people give them seem silly, but I think we are going with "nursies." I don't really like it, but I always refer to breastfeeding as nursing (e.g., "Pumpkin, do you want to nurse?") so I think &quo…

Fidgety Baby (Reprise) and Mansfield Park

Did you think I was done talking about the Pumpkin's fidgeting after yesterday's long post? I did too. Until last night. When her fidgeting got so bad, I realized that I had more to write.

When I nurse the Pumpkin to sleep, I hate just sitting there. I get so sleepy. It used to be that she'd close her eyes pretty quickly and I could pull out my book and use my new booklight (a Christmas gift) to read while she nursed off to dreamland. But lately, she doesn't close her eyes for a long time, and her fidgeting has gotten worse, so I'm not able to read.

These days while she nurses, she fidgets and fidgets--twirling her hair, playing with the buttons on my shirt, playing with my fingers, trying to grab my lip and nose. So I hold on to her hand or her arm, keeping it still. And do you know what happens when I do that? Her LEG starts going! And she kicks me, and pushes with her leg and swings it around, banging my knee. So I use my hand and arm to try to hold her leg still …

Baby Fidgets in Sleep (and While Awake)

Since I've started this blog, I've had quite a few visitors find me through a search for something like "baby fidgets in sleep" or "baby fidgets in bed" or simply "baby fidgets." This leads me to believe that there are others out there with fidgety babies who drive them crazy enough to search on the internet for some information about fidgeting babies. So I thought I'd do a whole post to discuss the fidgety nature of my child and how I deal with it.

Do you want to know when my child first started fidgeting? IN UTERO!! I'm not kidding. When I was pregnant, this baby moved a lot. She was very often kicking and pushing and hiccuping. OMG, the hiccups! I thought they would drive me nuts. Every. Single. Day. For. Months. Straight. Often more than once a day. I am not exaggerating--you can ask Londo or the many people I worked with, all of whom had to hear about it. I just thought it was part of being pregnant, and it probably is, but I've al…

Question of the Week - Oh, The Places You've Been

This week's question is in honor of my friend who is moving.

Of all the places you lived, where was your favorite?

This should be purely for location reasons, not what you were doing at the time or who you were living with.

My favorite place was Florence, Italy. (Who is surprised? Anyone? Anyone?) I would love to move back there some day, but I don't think it's in the cards for me. I also loved living in Athens, Georgia, USA (not to be confused with Athens, Greece--a place I haven't even visited yet). Athens, GA was such a great place to live, so it comes in second.

How about you?

Cara Figlia - I Missed You

Cara figlia,

Mia carina bambina (my dearest baby), I missed you so much! I can't believe I was away from you for 75 whole hours in a row!! I know it was tough on all of us, but Mama really needed the break. I needed some time out of the house and away from all my own responsibilities. Not that I was lying on a beach somewhere drinking margaritas. (Hmmm, that sounds like a good plan for next time!)

I was helping a friend of mine get ready for moving, in part by helping with her baby, helping keep up with the household chores, running errands and helping pack. Her husband has already started his new job in the other city, so she has had to take care of so much all by herself. She was overwhelmed, and who wouldn't be? So I went up for just a couple days (and three, whole, sleep-filled nights!!) to help her. Which means, I was working and busy the whole time. But I was working and busy with things that were not mine, including you, our animals, our house, my job, etc. And Mama real…