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Cara Figlia - It Happens So Quickly

Mia carina (my little dear),

In just under three weeks, you have already progressed so far in your walking skills. You're a supergenius, I tell you!

When you first started taking those incredibly wobbly, Frankenstein-like steps, you would only do so under great encouragement and when the timing was just right. You needed to have energy, but not be too excited. You needed to be holding onto something with just one hand and facing toward your daddy or me. We would coax you with our sing-songy, cheerful voices to come to us. And you would finally take a few halting steps, and then throw yourself into our arms, with squeals of delight. It was very cute, but definitely some work.

Now, withing just three weeks, you are standing up and walking from one place to another totally on your own. Earlier this week, I looked up from the sink and saw you just wobbling on your own from one spot to another. You are finally realizing that even though crawling is faster, walking leaves your hands free…

I Was Young and Idiotic Innocent

Before I had a baby of my own, I had opinions on parenting.
Shocker, I know! Me opinionated about something? That's just crazy!

Since having my own baby, especially since having a fussy one, I now understand that I KNEW NOTHING!
To anyone whom I voiced my uneducated opinion, please accept my apologies if I was an idiot.

I couldn't believe when I'd hear how some mothers would let their babies sleep in car seats or on them or any place but a crib or bed! Surprisingly, I didn't have an issue with co-sleeping, but that was a bed so it made sense to me. But why would anyone let their baby sleep anywhere but a crib or bed?
Ha! "Let." Like parents always get a choice? My daughter would not sleep anywhere but on Londo or me except the swing and then only at night and swaddled. We tried other things again and again, but she wasn't having any of it. I was so happy when we finally were able to co-sleep, and that only worked with her swaddled and nursed to sleep lying d…

Fancy Meeting You Here

A friend of mine just started fertility treatments at a local fertility center. Yesterday, she wrote about the fertility waiting room phenomena. I can't discribe the phenomena any better than she did when she said, "Nobody was looking at each other or talking, and the women with husbands were looking extra tense. We all have a common bond, but we were sitting there in our private worlds, not sharing. The vibes passing between people are basically, "you're infertile. I'm infertile. And I don't want to talk about it." It's like a bus station full of infertile people."

That's it exactly. Londo and I would bring books and just sit there reading, occassionally whispering to just each other. The fertility center waiting rooms are truly the most awkward of all the waiting rooms in the world. Londo did not come with me to all the appointments, like those when I was just having blood drawn, although he did come to most especially in the beginning. But…

Think They'll Come Out and Play?

Hey, internetters! Be sure to go to The Rocking Pony and tell us all your most embarrassing story! Have you seen what you could win? Karen is amazing! And she said that if she gets over 100 comments, she will do two giveaways. I've posted two of my embarrassing stories, and there are many other very funny ones to enjoy.

Well, I'm feeling amazingly better. I'd like to publically thank the Pumpkin for sleeping until 5:30ish and Londo for getting her and co-sleeping with her for another hour. I actually got to sleep in until my alarm went off at 6:00. Then, I SNOOZED!!! I know, it's crazy. And then, I got up and washed up and did my make up and pulled up my hair... all without having to juggle a baby or stop in the middle to grab her or spot her climbing up on things. It was such a great morning, and I'm in such a better mood.

A good enough mood to tell you all about my Big Idea. Just last week, I had two different friends (who are also new moms) say to me on the SAME D…

Just So Very Tired

I really don't want to do another post about the Pumpkin not sleeping well, but it is consuming me. It is all I think of, and it is affecting every area of my life. This lack of good sleep, especially after a couple weeks of pretty good sleep, is slowly killing me. Is it possible to die from regularly interrupted sleep?

The pattern of her waking up a little earlier every morning has continued, with only a slight deviation on Saturday (5:45 instead of 5:00), which only got my hopes up. Sunday, she was up at 4:30, and I couldn't get her back to sleep for an hour. Finally, I was able to nurse her back to sleep in the bed in her nursery and we co-slept until 7:00. Not horrible, but still awake for an hour in the middle of the night.

Then Monday morning, she woke up at 4:00. She was very upset, and I realized that she was really stuffy. I don't think she is sick, but I'm not sure. It's only a stuffy nose, which she always gets when teething. But when I tried to nurse her…

Question of the Week - Superbowl Commercials (and My Weekend Woes)

Hey, internetters! Sorry I've been neglectful. It wasn't on purpose. My internet went down sometime on Saturday and has stayed down. So I didn't get to do a Cara Mama post yesterday, but it would have gone something like this "Cara Mama, wah wah wah... But I wanna play with the trash bag... ha ha ha... I love to be tickled... wah wah wah... I don't wanna go back to sleep... The clingiest, fussiest baby in the world (I'm too tired to figure out the Italian for this), Pumpkin"

But this is nothing new. In general, we had a really good weekend. My niece's birthday party was so much fun, and water babies on Sunday was a ton of fun. The mornings were very good, and she had one long nap each day. BUT she had only one nap each day (can you say transition time?) and had a melt down each night in the evening. She seems to be so tired--she has been a bit klutzy, especially yesterday evening. Each time she get a little bump, she gives some heartfelt crying instead…