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Cara Figlia - Our Newest Game

Cara mia figlia,

I just love our newest game! The one where you stand behind me and I pretend I can't find you. "Where is the Pumpkin? I can't find her anywhere. Where did she go?" I say as I look around for you, turning my head side to side. And you stand behind me giggling, holding on to my back or pulling my hair, as if those things don't totally give you away!

Finally, I will turn my head far enough to see you and exclaim, "There she is!" At this point, I squeeze you, tickle you or grab you and lift you up by holding you against my back and leaning forward (the last one only works if I'm quick enough). You desolve into giggles, sometimes bent over laughing and sometimes with your head thrown back in cackles. You've also started thumping down on your bottom right when I find you, as if your being lower will keep me from finding you or from tickling you.

You love this game, and we play it again and again, until Mama is very sick of it. But if I t…

Coming Out of a Fog

I feel like I'm coming out of a fog lately. It seems to be very linked to my sleep, which really means the Pumpkin's ability to sleep until morning (or Londo's ability to get her in the night). The past few nights have been really good, and we are hoping it continues overall to be better.

I've noticed that her sleep is very "two steps forward, one step back" (or maybe one and a half steps back), so I am expecting another set back. But each set back isn't as bad or as long as the one before, and nothing is as bad as the sleep regression/fussy period from 3.5 months to 7.5 months. Whew, that was rough!

I was doing pretty bad a couple weeks ago, but lately I'm feeling so much better. And because the fog is lifting, I'm realizing how much crap I've not finished up at work. All the minutia, the busy work, that is a pain in the butt, but still has to get done. So I am keeping this post short (even though I have things I want to write that are much l…

Happy Valentine's Day and All Done

Here is the news of the day just for Burgh Baby's Mom: It's Valentine's Day! If you don't get something sweet from your sweet, you get to give him an earful!

I hope you all have lovely Valentine's Days. We don't really celebrate it ourselves. Londo has this thing were he calls it a made-up holiday by Hallmark in which they try to guilt bad significant others into doing something nice for their partners. He does nice things for me all the time, and therefore is annoyed that Hallmark tries to tell him he has to do something on THIS day. I have no problem with that, because he really does do nice things for me all the time. Like two nights ago when we went out on a date? He first bought me flowers and candy. And this isn't unusual. He will randomly bring me home flowers or candy or other little thoughtful gifts. So how can I argue with him?

But I also understand that if someone's partner does not normally think of these things, they really should be reminde…

News, Brought to You by caramama

So, there are some news items that I feel like sharing with you beautiful people.

First, the weather report: Last night, the roads iced over pretty completely. They were not de-iced by this morning, and now there is supposed to be more snow/sleet/ice this afternoon. I decided to I'm working from home today (I don't do it often, but I do have the benefit of telecommuting when weather is bad). However, I forgot I had a meeting at 11! I had to call a coworker to peek into the meeting room and ask if we could reschedule. Luckily, they said that would be no problem, but it was a big "D'oh" for me.

Now, sporting/entertainment news: Did you hear about who won the Westminster Dog Show? The beagle won Best in Show! About time a beagle won the show! And Uno is super cute, although not as cute as my beagle.

How about political news: Well, yesterday was the Potomac Primaries. I'm happy to say that Londo and I got out and voted, even though the ground was starting to ice o…

From Mansfield Park to Milan

Last night, I finished Mansfield Park, by Jane Austen. As much as I love Austen and usually am very pleased with her endings, I thought the ending of this book kind of fizzled. I know I said yesterday that I didn't know how I wanted it to end, but that was apparently not true. The character who I wanted to like, and was just starting to like, I did not end up liking. Oh, well.

It was very well-written and a great commentary of the time on many issues, including society, education, wealth (or lack of), charity, love and principles. Another really good book by Austen. I personally did not relate to any of the characters. There was no Elizabeth or Jane Bennett for me to love, no Mr. Darcy to make my heart well up. But I can appreciate the book itself and Austen's excellent writing.

This morning*, I started my TBR Challenge book for February: Desiring Italy, edited by Susan Cahill. I've gotten through the Introduction, which explains that this is a collection of writing from so…

Question of the Week - Blog Etiquette

I'm relatively new the blogging world, especially new to having my own blog although I have been reading blogs for a while. But Girl's Gone Child's recent post about other bloggers using a similar name got me thinking about blog etiquette. I do so love discussions of etiquette!

Which brings us to our question for this week:

Do you have any blog etiquette you would like to share?

My answer is based on GGC's post: Be sure to google your screen name/blog name before using it!

Now, please educate me on manners in the blogging world.

As an aside, I'm 20 pages from the end of Mansfield Park and I'm totally caught up in it! I have NO IDEA how it is going to end, nor am I sure how I want it to end! I'm sure I'll finish it tonight and write something up about it this week.

Cara Mama - Swimming and Climbing

Cara Mama,

You say today is our last day of Water Babies? I've had so much fun! I hope we do something just as fun next time.

You say for the next class we are going to Little Gym where I'll get to climb on stuff? Oh, now that does sound fun! I love to climb!

Oh, and I love our new game where I stand behind you and you pretend you can't see me and ask where I am. And then I peek my head around, and you find me! Oh, it's so fun!

Ti amo,