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Looking Together Vs. Having It Together

The posts and comments on Ask Moxie thelast couple of days, plus some emails on the side and some comments IRL, have got me thinking about the difference between looking like you have it together and really having it together.

For example, my officemate at work told me recently that she never would have known I had PPD if I hadn't told her. She said I always seem so happy and cheerful (she might have even used the word "chipper"). And I'm sure I usually do... at work. It's home where I crash when I'm feeling depressed or even just down. It's in the privacy of my own home where I melt down and cry or sit on the couch and zone out not looking at anything. It's home where Londo has to make sure I've eating something, makes sure I go to bed, makes sure I'm really honestly alright (or not).

So many of us put on our best show for the outside world. So often parents who are incredibly sleep deprived go out in the world and try to appear like they have…

She Wasn't Even My Child

I thought my hormone were still crazy and couldn't figure out exactly why. Now I realize it's probably PMS and the fact that I'm cutting down/out pumping. Apparently women go through a bit of a hormone shift when they wean, and since I was pumping a lot during the day and not so much anymore, I think it probably will affect my mood a bit.

Wanna hear a story of caramama's crazy emotional rollercoaster? This one isn't bad, I promise...

I help out at a neighborhood children's choir that my mom put together. Just general things like make sure chair are set up, the kids get their name tags, the kids stay in the room, the kids leave with their parents. Stuff like that.

The other evening, when all of the littler ones were marching around in a circle to keep the beat and sing a silly song lead by the vocal director, one of the girls started crying. She was probably about 5 or so, and my mom got her and lead her out of the circle with pretty much no disruption to the rest …

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses

I'm having a little trouble keeping up with everything. It's just that work has gotten so busy... and we still are catching up around the house from house guests and the party... and the baby was going through a sleep regression... and I was really into my book and had to finish it last night... and my carpel tunnel has been really bad lately... and I'm trying to make time for Londo... and Easter is this weekend... and there is just TOO MUCH TO DO!!!

And I'm determined not to stress out about blogging, because it's such a help to me that I won't make it into a hindrance. So instead of worrying about posting every day or worrying about coming up with interesting topics and well-written posts, I'm going to go a little easier on myself. I'm also going to try to start posting at night instead of waiting until the day to post and try to read all the wonderful blogs I love at night, but we'll see how that goes.

There are a bunch of thoughts I have that I ne…

My Memory Is Not That Good

I got a few comments last week about how great it was that I remembered all those details about the Pumpkin's first year. Well, here's my confession: I had to look most of it up.

I am part of an online buddy group on a message board that started when we were all pregnant and due in March 2007. But the message board sometimes eats the posts after you type them all up and hit the submit button, so I learned to type it all up in a Notepad file and then copy and paste the text into the message board's thread for our buddy group. About halfway through my pregnancy, I realized that I should be saving these Notepad files because I was really documenting my pregnancy, and later my daughter's life, in this thread with these ladies. I am very proud of myself for realizing this and actually saving the files with the date I wrote them as the document name.

To write up the Pumpkin's year in review, as well as some of her annual assessment, I scoured through each Notepad file to r…

Question of the Week - Birthday Traditions

As I told you all before, I took off on the Pumpkin's birthday and took her to the zoo. We had so much fun looking at the birds (she would get this excited look on her face, point and bounce, and say "bur"), visiting the elephants, watching the hippo, seeing the tigers play and observing the gorillas and orangutans. It was nice weather and good exercise for Mama.

We had so much fun, I started thinking that maybe I would do this every year. I will definitely take off work every year on her birthday and maybe we'd do the zoo every year. I think I'm going to make that her birthday tradition!

Question of the Week:
What is your favorite birthday tradition?

It could be one that your parents or friends did for you, something you do with your kids, or even something you read and think is a great idea.

I think mine is going to be a day off and a trip someplace cool, like the zoo, for the Pumpkin. But one I read about in Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, by Rebecca Well…

The Pumpkin's First Annual Assessment

As the final post in the week-long celebration of the Pumpkin's birthday, I am blatantly stealing an idea from Burgh Baby's Mom, although I won't be using pictures like she did since I don't put pictures on my blog. Thank you, BBM, for the fantastic idea. Now, let's see how the Pumpkin did.

Disclaimer: This assessment was done by caramama as the reviewer, who assess the Pumpkin against the average development milestones for the first year. Londo does not agree with all of the ratings, as he would apparently give her "Exceeds Expectations" in all areas except Self-Soothing Skills and Sleeping Abilities.

Competency: Gross Motor Skills
Rating: Exceeds Expectations
Assessment: The Pumpkin excelled in this area above all others. Much too her grandmothers' excitement (and her mother's bewilderment), she held her head up in a controlled manner on the day of her birth before carefully laying it back down. She sat up early, crawled early, pulled to standing e…