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Cara Mama - What a Day!

Cara Mama,

I really had a fun day today. I had another great day at Little Gym. And after my nap, the Metro ride was pretty fun. I liked Daddy holding me up so I could hang on to the ceiling bar with him. The movement of the Metro was fun, too. I also liked making smiles with Daddy's cousin and wife, who were fun to play with while they were here.

Lunch wasn't so fun. I didn't like the food or where I was sitting. Also, I was so tired, because my morning nap before we left wasn't so great.

Now, I don't know what spies are or why they have a museum for them (or what a museum is, really), but I'm glad you all had a good time. I'm especially glad you rented a backpack carrier and put me front-facing in it while you walked around the museum. The nap I took in the carrier reminded me of how I used to always nap in your (or Daddy's) sling because I couldn't nap anywhere else.

I'm not sure why I didn't feel so well once we got back*. I was so tired a…

Cara Figlia - You Are an Angel... In Public

Cara figlia,

You are so good when we are out in public or around other people. And I am really thankful for that. You are always smiling and laughing and interested in what's going on. People are constantly asking me, "Doesn't she ever cry?" or "Is she always this good?"

I wish I could tell them that you never cry and that you are always that good. But that would be lying, and I try to be honest. I laugh and tell these people to come over at our house when you are up in the middle of the night or sit in a car ride with us or try to take the remote control away from you. Then they would see the truth you hide so well.

You just have always been a fussy girl. And that's okay with us, we can deal with it. But you really are giving people the wrong impression. Maybe you are just like your mama and naturally seem to look like you have it together, even if you aren't feeling that way. But then when I insist that it's been a bumpy ride with you as you ar…

She Night Weaned and Sleep Trained Herself

Updated below.

I have been debating whether or not to write about this. I know so many other people who are going still getting up in the nights with their kids or who had to work really hard to night wean and/or sleep train their babies. I hate to sound like I'm bragging about something that can be so hard (and in fact I had assumed it would be very hard for us), so I wasn't going to do a whole post about this.

But I was emailing with someone, and she said that she was amazed that I had once said the Pumpkin sleep trained herself. She said that the internet would have you believe that you always have to do the sleep training because they just can't figure it out on their own. But in our case, that wasn't true. I'm guessing it's not true for everyone, and I thought I ought put it out on the internet so that people would know. Some babies night wean themselves. Some babies sleep train themselves. But none of these things happen early, and they will go through reg…

Read This Book (and My April Read and How I Have Time To Read)

On Monday morning, I finished the book How To Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk, by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish. I simply cannot recommend this book highly enough. Seriously, this book is one of the most amazing books I've ever read.

I don't just recommend this book to parents. I think everyone in the world should read this book. I think the book should be called How To Talk to Other People and Listen To Other People. It's really true. For example, last weekend Londo saw me picking through a bowl of chips he had set out for guests and he started berating me for touching them all (while looking for the best ones). Well, my instinctive feeling was to keep doing it to spite him, even though he was 100% right. I realized it was the way he talked to me that made me feel that way. As an adult, I'm able to do the right thing anyway, but I can totally see that a child would do the instinctive thing that they know is wrong because of the way we say things…

What's Going On With Us

I'd been doing pretty well with posting at night before bed lately. But last night, after spending some quality time with Londo, it was too late and I was too tired to even turn on my computer. Or as Londo said, "I sexed you up so good, you can't even blog!"*

Anywho... I don't have time to write the two longish posts that I've started. That will have to wait until tonight and tomorrow night. Or when I can next get to them. You see, not only am I crazy busy at work, but we are having house guests! Londo's cousin and his wife are coming up to visit DC and are staying with us. We get along with them really well, and I'm looking forward to hanging with them in the evenings. So we'll just have to see what kind of time that leaves me for blogging.

Hey, remember the post when I mentioned how the Pumpkin was sleeping really well at night? Remeber how Burgh Baby's Mom said that she hoped I didn't jinx it? Yeah, I totally jinxed it. We had a few real…

No More Pump and Circumstance

I'm done with pumping!! Hooray!!!!

At the Pumpkin's 1 year doctor appointment, the doctor okayed putting her on whole milk. I don't plan to stop nursing, but I am more than happy to stop pumping. In fact, I had planned to pump once a day for one last week (the week after her doctor's appointment, about two weeks ago), but I didn't make it.

I was just so done with it. She easily transitioned to (organic) cow milk for the two bottles she takes during the day to go down for her naps. I still nurse her in the mornings when she gets up, at night to go to sleep, and really any other time she wants when I'm around her. I (or Londo) have been giving her cow milk bottles for her naps on the weekends, but that's mainly to give me a break and make sure she is getting enough milk since my supply has gone down during the day.

I love nursing her. It's been an incredible bonding experience. I could really go on and on about how important it's been for us and how wo…

Question of the Week - Surprise Me

Since writing that post about how we look on the outside might not be what is going on in the inside, I was thinking about what we don't show the world. Things about ourselves that would surprise people who you see every day or who haven't known you that long.

So the question of the week is:
What is something you like or are into that would surprise the people you see everyday but don't know you that well?

For me, it's not that I'm a total sci-fi geek or that I love romance novels. Those things might be surprising to people, but if you know me longer than a day, you know those things about me. What really seems to surprise people when, or rather if, they ever discover is that I love the Sex Pistols. I'm actually a big fan of punk rock, but the Sex Pistols is IMO the epitome of punk rock. I love putting on my headphones and turning up my iPod and rocking out to the yelling for anarchy.

This surprises a lot of people, because I guess I don't seem like the type …