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Sick Day

I thought it was just the teething of her molars. But then the cough that I've had developed in her.

Then the slightly running nose became a faucet of snot. And the slight fussiness turned into waaaa-I-don't-feel-good!!! Oh, and the Pumpkin's nose became running and she got extra fussy too.

So I picked her up early from my mom's yesterday, and she and I are home sick today. I hope that I can spend some time on the computer, but I'm not sure what this day will hold.

Bel Canto Review and Re-Reading Tully

Last Sunday, I finished Bel Canto, by Ann Patchett, my April read for the TBR Challenge. For two months in a row, my TBR Challenge books had to do with people being held hostage. I'm not sure what that was about... I must have been feeling hostage (maybe to the baby?) when I set my book list. hehe.

Let me warn you there may be spoilers in the following paragraph. I won't give away details, but I may hint at what happens in a way that could be considered spoilers.

Bel Canto was a very well-written book, and I think that I did like the book. It was slow, very slow, but that was done on purpose to really make it more of a character study than an action book about a hostage situation. The characters were interesting and even believable, given the situation. But (you knew there would be a but, didn't you?) there was a lot of build up, a whole book of build up, and then BAMB! it was over. And even though there was an epilogue, there really wasn't any wrap up or closure. It was…

I Have Designs For Those Rooms

I'm exhausted and dying to go to sleep, but I wanted to cheer myself up a bit by talking about My Brilliant Plan for our family room. (I hope this is coherent, because I'm so very tired.)

There are two things that you would realize about me if you walked into my house these days. The first is that I love to decorate. However, we moved into this house when I was in my second trimester, and my pregnancy exhaustion and then that whole having an infant tihng kept me from having the energy to buy decor, hang paintings and curtains, paint walls and furniture and do all those other things I love. I didn't even have the energy to buy proper family room furniture instead of the uncomfortable and awkwardly placed hand-me-down furniture we currently have in there. We don't even have a coffee table! All of the beautiful decorating I've done for this house has been in my head, usually during those late night wakings when I nursed the baby in the dark with nothing to do but think…

Another Rough Night

Disclaimer: Please excuse any typos, misspellings or grammar mistakes. I'm so out of it, and you will read why below. I tried to proof this post, but there were many mistakes so I might have missed some. You'll forgive me, right?

We had a very rough night last night. You all get to hear all about it, because it's all I can think of and I hope writing about it will exorcise the demon from my mind.

First let me say that I'm incredibly glad that we spent the money on a comfortable glider/recliner for the nursery, because that is where I spent most of my night. Londo, the Pumpkin and I are all exhausted. Londo and I talked this morning about how we forget just. how. bad. it. is. when she is waking up this often at night and won't be put down. We know that it was bad, and we remember that going through it was a nightmare. But once we start getting more sleep, we block out just how bad it is until we are going through it again. And then it hits us like a ton of screaming,…

Think The Gypsies Will Take Her?

This morning, my lovely little girl was totally a Dr. Jekyll and Miss Hyde. She would go from super fussy, freaking out because she wanted the door open or that toy or to play with the trash bag (etc.) to giggly, cute and sweet. I feel like I was put through the ringer this morning, and I've been incredibly grumpy. But I've got my coffee now and a yummy breakfast sandwich. I'm sure I'll feel better soon.

But this morning I was reminded of a conversation Londo and I have had off and on throughout this past year. This is not a new conversation, though, as previously this conversation was about the dog. Now, it is about the Pumpkin when she's been especially frustrating.

Parent 1: We could just sell her to the gypsies.
Parent 2: They wouldn't pay money for her. Maybe they'd take her for free.
Parent 1: We'll probably have to pay them to take her!
Parent 2: We could throw in the dog!
Parent 1: It just might work!

Question of the Week - Five Albums

Updated below with my answers.

I'm happy to say that the Pumpkin's fever broke earlier today, and her temperature is back to normal (whatever normal should be--it was 98.5, so that's got to be fine). If she is still without fever in the morning, I will bring her to the babysitter (my mom is out of town, so she is with my niece and the babysitter tomorrow). One thing I discovered out of all of this is that the Pumpkin HATES getting her temperature rectally. She never seemed to notice before, but has expressed her intense displeasure today. I will have to look into an ear thermometer or something.

Because we stayed in all day with the sick child, I actually got a lot of reading today. My book, Bel Canto, is really well written with an intriguing story. One of the main characters is an opera singer, and a lot of the book centers around music. It's making me yearn to go to an opera! Londo and I went to one about 8 or 9 months ago, our first real outing after having the baby.…