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Cara Figlia - GO TO SLEEP

Cara mia figlia,

Oh. My. Good. Ness. You need to go to sleep at night in your crib. All night long. This is really getting to be too much. Your daddy and I are getting closer to needing a padded cell. We need to sleep again. And so do you.

I know it's not your fault. I know you are probably more upset that you can't sleep than we are. I'm sure it's those darn molars. This is exactly what happened before your first molar came through. I know you are in pain, and that is why I will continue to get you. No matter how exhausted I am, I will comfort you while you are in pain. I really believe that if I just wait this stage out, you will start sleeping through the night on your own again.

But we are working on a bit of sleep training, because I can't just do nothing anymore. I have to try something. I even think it might start to work, because just now I had some success. Here is what I'm doing (ideas inspired by Elizabeth Pantley's No-Cry Sleep Solution, which I r…

Words and Curls

The Pumpkin is having another word/sign explosion. In addition to new words (and associated pointing to things those words describe, like shoes and hair) and new signs, she is now putting together some short phrases. Here are her phrases:
- Hello, Daddy.
- Thank you, Daddy.
- Bye bye, Daddy.
- Up, Daddy.

Do you see the trend here? We're both trying to get her to say similar things but with Mama. So far, all I get is just "Mama." But she says it (as Londo described) with reverence. She softens her voice and draws out each syllable.

So I've decided that "Mama" must be to her a name, a noun, a verb, a greeting, and everything else. The word Mama must encompass everything that is good and right with the word, there for it stands alone.

In other news, the Pumpkin's hair started out very straight. But as it's gotten longer, it's started to curl. Now when we brush her hair after her bath, it starts to curl up in about two seconds. I think this really surpri…

I'm Meeting About Meetings Even

I'm in meetings all day. No time to post, and no mental energy to think of anything but work. Although I'm feeling good about work and really like being this busy, just not in meetings.

But can someone tell me when I'm supposed to get my actual work done if I'm in meetings all day? Besides finishing work at home after I try to put the baby bed and stay up too late and get up with the baby in the night/early morning and am too tired when I start my day and then have to sit in meetings all day...

I will update that the Pumpkin is doing SO much better! She's feeling better and sleeping better. She didn't get up until 4:45 this morning, although she didn't really go back to sleep after that. Londo and I have high hopes that after this sickness is gone and her other molar comes in, she will go back to sleeping through the night.

Hey, we can (day)dream, can't we?

The Diagnosis

I'm so glad I took the Pumpkin to the doctor yesterday, because she does indeed have something: coxsackievirus, aka hand, foot, and mouth disease*.

Yes, it is common in infants and toddlers. Yes, it is contagious, especially if the toddler puts her drooled on hand in your mouth (which she does to me a hundred times a day). No, there is not treatment for it beyond treating the symptoms. No, it is not dangerous for children (although it can be pretty rough for adults).

Those symptoms are basically the same as teething symptoms except worse, so no wonder we thought she was just teething until that fever spiked! The doctor said it just runs its course, the worst of which is about 3-5 days. She said that the Pumpkin was probably on day 5 and would start feeling better soon. We will continue to give her Motrin and Tylenol as needed, and at night give her Benadryl to allieviate the irritation of the sores in her mouth (my poor baby!).

Isn't Benadryl also supposed to knock babies/toddle…

Question of the Week - Caring for the Child

I hope all the mothers out there had a happy Mother's Day. (At least for those who knew it was Mother's Day. hehe. I guess it's not as big a deal in other countries.) For those who are not yet mothers or are still trying to be mothers, I hope next year brings you a lovely Mother's Day filled with all you could have hoped for.

I'm gonna update about my weekend first, and then we'll get to the Question of the Week. Because I haven't complained enough about our lack of sleep. ;-)

My brother needed Londo's help moving on Sunday, so Londo gave me Saturday as a day off from childcare and anything else to enjoy doing whatever I wanted, which included a 2 HOUR NAP!!! and playing around on the computer for the rest of the afternoon. Alas, I still haven't caught up on all the blogs I like to read, but I was working on other things.

Unfortunately, Londo had to deal with a very fussy toddler and he was grumpy on his own anyway. These things kind of twinged my day…

Cara Mama - Happy Mother's Day!

Cara Mama,

Happy Mother's Day to you and all moms everywhere! I'm sorry that I slept so poorly last night and am not feeling well today. But at least I'm cuddly when I don't feel good! Thank you and Daddy for being up with me most of the night. I hope I sleep better tonight, because I'm tired and want to sleep too!

Ti amo,