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Showing posts from June 22, 2008

Best Form of Flattery

My 15-month-old toddler has really begun to imitate my husband and me. For example, the other morning I wiped up something from the floor with a wet wipe. She watched and then took a wipe out of the box and started wiping the floor herself. Yesterday, I was putting things in piles on the dining room table to bring upstairs while holding her (because there's nothing like a "waah waah mama mama up up waah waah" to make me want to clean one-handed). A little while later (when she actually let me put her down), she started moving her books from one pile to another.

There was a huge discussion on Ask Moxie the other day about getting the chores done, with emphasis on sharing household work and childcare with your partner (if you had one), which lead to modeling behaviors such as how to clean in front of your child. I hadn't really thought about this aspect of raising my child, this modeling how to clean (and in my case, how to schedule the cleaning person, which I learned…

Why Can't I Be That Person

I wish that I didn't put things off when I don't want to do them. I wish I would just attack it right off and get it out of the way. When I procrastinate, it just weighs on me, and weighs on me. When I finally force myself to do it, I am unhappy that I'm having to do it, have difficulty concentrating, and am stressed because it is getting done so late.

And I don't have time or creativity to write a good post cause I'm stressed and busy. This sucks. I suck.

Bangs head against keyboard repeatedly.

Another Meet Up! This Time, Dinner Out!

It's high time we DC Area bloggers and readers get together again. I think we all wish that we were able to talk more and get to know each other more at the first meet up. Don't get me wrong, I loved meeting the kids, seeing how cute they are, and watching them do the developmentally appropriate things that my child is/will be doing. But kids and the zoo leave little time for adults to sit around and chat. And I like to sit around and chat.

So this time, let's do dinner out! Without the kiddos! With drinks (for those who want them)! Woo hoo!

First step, go to that lovely little poll I put up on the left side of my blog and vote for which night you'd be able to get a babysitter or convince your partner to watch the kids. If you select other, please say in the comments of this post which date you would prefer that is not listed. (Hmmm, I haven't checked any of these dates with my husband, so they may be subject to change. hehe.)

There were requests that the adult night …

Question of the Week - Retro Re-Makes

I will start by saying that my weekend without baby or husband was fantastic. Wow! I didn't realize I needed that break, but I really did. Fortunately, Londo realized I needed the break and not only encouraged it but came up with the idea and planned how it would work. That man is the best, and my sanity thanks him for all that he does.

I'll go on (and on) about the weekend in another post, but I did want to mention that I got to go out to dinner and a movie with my SIL and parents. We ate a fantastic meal at a nice restaurant, where I didn't have to worry about anyone eating but myself. Then, we saw Get Smart, which was really a great movie! I was worried Steve Catrell would be over-the-top or the humour would be all slapstick, both of which would have just frustrated me. But it wasn't either! It had good action and was actually REALLY funny! I can't believe how much I laughed and enjoyed it.

And it made me want to see the old TV show episodes, which I used to watc…