Thursday, July 10, 2008

That's a Bad Word?

A while ago, my SIL and MIL told me that "fart" is considered a bad word and my nephew is not allowed to say it at his daycare. This was a huge surprise to me. I've since asked around, and many people agree that it is not an appropriate word to say.

Really? Fart? That's not okay? I ask people what about "burp"? Apparently, burp is okay, but fart is not.

To me, fart and burp are the same type of word. So if burp is okay, why isn't fart? Is it because one comes out of your mouth but one is out of (heaven forbid!!) your butt?

For that matter, is "butt" okay to say or should I be using the word "bottom"?

Londo and I really try to call a spade a spade, so we don't plan to use euphemisms for anatomy in general. We call pee "pee" and poop "poop." So why wouldn't we call a fart "fart"?

This seems like such a little thing, but I don't want the Pumpkin to be considered inappropriate--at least without meaning to be. She is starting to repeat the words we say, even when we say them only once. It's hard enough to stop the actual cussing in front of her (apparently, I have a mouth like a sailor, no offense sailors). Now I have to watch out for fart?

Please, internetters, tell me what you think. And if I should not use "fart," must I really use something as formal sounding as "passing gas" or as silly as "poot"?

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

DC Area Meet Up - Dinner in August

Let's try this again.

Who can get together for dinner and drinks in August? Vote for the dates you like the best in the poll on the left (you can select multiple options).

Every time I suggest a couple of dates, I get a ton of feedback for dates that I didn't suggest. So this time I'm offering every Friday and Saturday in August. Now, I might be out of town that first weekend, so I won't vote for it. But let's see what happens if I leave it in.

The plan is to meet around 6:00 at Cafe Deluxe in downtown Bethesda, right by the Metro. I'll make reservations under "Cara," but I will need to know what the date is and who is coming.

So vote in the box on the left and leave a comment telling me what you think! I like you people and want to get together again! Don't you want a fun night out without the kiddos?

The Girl Knows What She Wants

My little Pumpkin is starting to discover and assert her own desires and even independence. I'm finding it amazing (and not yet annoying) to see the little things she does to express her wants. Here are some cute examples.

Example 1:
The other morning, I had the Pumpkin on her changing pad, which is on top of her dresser. I opened the drawer right below her to pick out an outfit for the day. I was pulling out a white shirt when she reached in and pulled out an orange shirt. She's pulled stuff out of the drawer before because she's in a grabby stage, but it's always been random items that just happened to be in her reach. So, I put in back in as I always do, and I told her that she was wearing the white shirt today.

Well, let me just tell you that she was not pleased by this. She immediately started fussing. She would not cooperate with getting her white shirt on. Every time I started to pull her arm through, she pulled it back out. Then, she pushed the shirt back over her head to get it off. So I thought for a minute and then said, "Alright. You want the orange shirt?"

I pulled the orange shirt back out, and she called right down. I pulled it over her head and pulled her arms through without any resistence. In fact, she helped put her arms through! She apparently didn't care about the pants, because we had no issues with the ones I picked out to go with the shirt. But she did pick out the shirt she wanted to wear and insisted on wearing it. This is a first for her!

Example 2:
The Pumpkin saw the container of mixed fruit that I put on the table and asked for melon ("meloh" while tapping on the back of her hand with a finger--how she does the sign for melon). So I pulled out a piece of cantaloupe, sliced it a bit, and gave her some pieces.

She shook her head and said, "No." She then picked up the pieces and handed them back to me.

Huh. But she still wanted melon. So I pulled out a piece of honey dew, saying, "Do you want green melon?"

Indeed she did. She ate that that right up and wanted more. She ate all the honey dew and none of the canteloupe.

So far, her expressing her wants has not greatly conflicted with my wants and needs for her, but I understand that can become an issue. I'm just thankful that I'm pretty laid back about most of this stuff, thanks to the therapist I saw for my PPD! Most of this stuff just isn't a big deal. Does she want to hold her own spoon even though it will make a mess? Fine. Does it matter if she wears orange instead of white? Nope.

But I can't always accommodate her wants.

Example 3:
Lately, the Pumpkin wants Mama-and-only-Mama to pick her up and hold her, even while I'm cooking. She comes and tugs on my pants and sticks her head into my legs and says, "Up!"

I'm trying to teach her that sometimes Mama can't hold her while she is cooking*, like when I'm stirring spattering foods on the stove or cutting up veggies with a sharp knife. So I say, "No up. Mama is cooking."

Now, she has been wedging herself between me and the counter and then pushing me away from the counter, demanding "up." She is obviously trying to tell me to move away from cooking and Pick. Her. Up.

I wish that I could simply indulge her want to be held, but I need to balance her needs with mine, Londo's and even the pets (thanks again, therapist!). So this one I don't just let her have her way, but try to explain why I can't and when I can. I continue to tell her that I'm cooking and can't pick her up. That I am right her and she can hug my leg. That I will pick her up as soon as I can. Things like that. And once I'm at a point where I'm just stirring something that's simmering or adding already measured items, I pick her up so she can see what I'm doing.

I still find this all amazing. That she wants the shirt she picked out. That she wants the honey dew, not the cantaloupe. That she thinks that pushing me away from the food means I will be able to pick her up. She is learning independence and how to assert herself. I'm so proud of her for learning those things. It's also kind of nice that she also wants to be held and see what I'm doing, and that she lets me be part of it all still.

*In the comments of a previous post, Parisienne Mais Presque asked how I could bake with the Pumpkin in a sling. I will admit that it's not easy to bake or cook while holding her, and this is often how. I have to do the measuring and cutting while not holding her, which usually includes me telling her that I'm cooking and can't hold her yet. Then, when I'm doing easy things like adding or stirring things, I pick her up and either hold her with one arm on my hip or use the sling in the hip hold. I use my free arm and hand while keeping her as far away as possible. Sometimes I slide the sling back so she is half on my hip and half on my butt and both of my arms are in front and I can use both hands.

Most of the time, she is grabby, but I give her empty measuring cups and spoons to play with and just try to keep her out of reach of everything. It's not easy, but it is easier than listening to her whine and fuss non-stop. After she calms down or if I need to do something without her, I put her back down and try to get her interested in something else. Or else Londo takes her... if she allows it. ;-)

Monday, July 7, 2008

Question of the Week - To Every Season

We had a lovely weekend, including taking the Pumpkin in her stroller in the neighborhood parade, a barbeque with friends on the Fourth, playing in the backyard (blow up) baby pool for the first time with the Pumpkin, and a night out for Londo and I without the baby! We went out to dinner and a movie and got home after the baby was in bed.

Summer is my favorite season. I love summer blockbuster movies. At restaurants in the summer, I love sitting at an outside table with a bit of shade, a cool martini and people and dogs walking by (this was especially great when we lived in Georgia). I love the beach, the pool and any sort of water to play in, like the baby pool we blew up and filled. The Pumpkin had a blast in the pool, and I played with her in it and sat on our glider with a beer. Londo loves to barbeque, and I love to each grilled burgers and hot dogs with a nice, cool drink. In the summer, I really enjoy walks around the neighborhood, and the neighborhood parade was so fun.

Most of all, what I love about the summer is the long, hot, sunny days. I don't mind the heat and humidity (which can be oppressive in this area). When I'm baking in the sun and the air is thick with humidity, I feel happy and even sultry. When the sun is shining when I get up and still out at 8 or later at night, I feel recharged and full of energy.

I love the summer. And if it's not obvious, here comes the question of the week:

What is your favorite season and why?