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A Rough Night and A Very Funny Woman

Just when I think I'm starting to really feel good about my parenting, finally understanding my child and her needs, finally have a bag of tricks to see me through difficult times... I get a night like last night! It kicked my butt!

I was warned by both OneTiredEma and paola that the 18-month age was rough on sleep. I did listen, especially since their children who are older than mine seem to sleep (or not sleep) like mine, so I always appreciate when they give me a heads up about sleep regressions. But we'd FINALLY gotten some good, quality sleep. Six blissful nights in a row, the child slept straight through until 7 or even 8! It was so beautiful. But I'd been warned, and there was good reason for the warning.

Last night, an hour after I had gone to bed (why oh why did I stay up all the way until 10:30 to do dishes and actually try and talk to my husband???), the Pumpkin woke up SCREAMING. I'm not good after only sleeping an hour. I'm really out of it and grumpy …

Being Mrs. Brightside

It sucks to pull down your pants and be disappointed. I doubt men are disappointed when they pull down their pants. Well, some men probably are, but I think most are just thinking, "Hey, cool. My penis!"

With women, there are some months when you pull down your pants and you are disappointed. This can be because you are on your honeymoon, on a beach vacation, out camping, in a strange bathroom without your purse or similar reasons. For some of us--oh, let's just say it--for me, it's because I know for sure that I'm not pregnant.

I'm trying to be all Mrs. Brightside about this. Okay! We are ready to start the medicated IUIs again! Now this whole Trying To Conceive thing is ON! Now, we mean BUSINESS!

But yesterday I got my blood taken AGAIN (two previous times last month were for pre-treatment testing), I had to wait 1.5 for a nurse to stick a phallic ultrasound object up my girl*, and I started the first type of medication (Clomid, for those who know what that…

More On Breakfast, Plus Freckles and Repetitive Nopes

Great breakfast ideas from just about everyone! A few of you mentioned cream cheese on toast, so I toasted whole wheat english muffins and left out the cream cheese for the babysitter to give the Pumpkin this morning. I'll ask her tomorrow how it went, but I have high hopes.

Also, I was having cereal for dinner last night*, and the Pumpkin asked for some. I have given her bites of my cereal before (when it's Cheerios or something else I deem acceptable for her age), and she really seems to like it. Well, she had eaten a bunch of her dinner, but really wanted more and more of my cereal. So I poured her a little bowl of her own with a touch of milk on it.

She LOVED it! So I poured her another. I'm happy to say, we now have another cereal eater in the family. This will make some mornings easier, especially combined with toast and fruit.

As for the fruit... I didn't mention it yesterday as part of our breakfasts, and that's because it's not just a part of breakfast …

Question of the Week - Breakfast Foods

Apparently the joys of having an 18 month old include another sleep regression AND an eating regression! Having been blessed with a very good eater, we have only had a few days here and there when the Pumpkin would not eat much. Those times were usually concurrent with really bad teething days or a sickness, and they did not last more than a couple days.

It's now been three days of very little eating, and that's after about three days of eating less and less. How can someone who has SO MUCH energy eat so little food? How can someone who's body is developing like crazy subsist on a few bites of crackers and maybe a few spoons of yogurt? It boggles the mind.

Just in case she's not eating because she is bored with the same old foods, I've been trying to think of new things to make. Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, I am especially trying to find new breakfast foods.

Which brings us to our Question of the Week...

What is a favorite breakfast food in …

Cara Figlia - 18 Months Old

Cara mia ragazzina,

Last Thursday, you turned 18 months old. That is a year and a half! You are now closer to 2 years old than you are to 1. Time has just been flying by overall. And you are growing so quickly, I feel like I can barely keep up.

You are talking so much, and running and climbing too. You are discovering more and more every day. You are capable of things now that you couldn't do even weeks before. For example, in the past few days you figured out how to put the rings on the toy that you couldn't quite figure out even a week ago. I just know that within a few more days of working on the shape sorter you will have it figured out, too.

Last week, you slept through the night 6 nights in a row! We were so relieved to have a break. We didn't think it would last, since none of the other phases where you sleep through the night have lasted. One was for about a month, but usually it's about a week or a few days. And sure enough, the past two nights you have been awak…