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Cara Mama - Doing It Myself

Cara Mama,

I waaaaannnnaa do it myseeeeelf!!! I don't waaaaaant your help! I waaaaannnnaa do it!

But I caaaaaan't do it! I don't waaaaaant your help! I'll figure it out myseeeeelf!

I won't woooooorrk! I can't do it! Nooooooo. Don't help me! Whyyyyyy can't I do it myself?

Fine! I won't do it. But you can't do it either! Nooooooo! Waaaaahhhhhhh!

Ti amo,

Of Childbearing Years

Hey, I won the Parent Bloggers Network Blog Blast I Live in a Zoo for my entry All the Monkey's Aren't in the Zoo! I was randomly selected as a winner, but let's pretend it was due to my excellent writing, m'kay? It was a fun topic, and there are tons of other great posts. You should check some out!

And now onto today's regularly scheduled post...

It is tough to be of childbearing years, especially the time period between children. There are so many things I can't do just in case. There are all these things that I can't give away, from my maternity clothes to baby toys. I find this time period difficult in many ways, from caring for my body (or "The Vessel") to finding places to store everything.

I miss drinking and dancing and late nights. I really do. This last weekend, I was at a wedding were I actually DANCED! It was so fun and I missed it. I know many people will say that you can still drink and dance and have late nights. But I can't. I k…

Question of the Week - Free Day

Happy Rosh Hashanah, to those who celebrate!

Well, I'm late with my QotW post. This is par for the course for me lately. You see, my big project at work had taken over my life. I was working long hours at work, and continuing to work after putting the baby to bed. I was averaging 6 hours of sleep not because the child woke up (cause she's maybe 60/40 with sleeping through the night lately, thank goodness), but because I was up late working.

There was one problem after another, and one meeting after another. It was crazy. But it's done--mostly. We released the new version of the software Friday night. I spent 7 or 8 hours on Saturday updating documentation. And yesterday, I spent the day catching up on all my other projects at work, to the best that I could.

Today, other than calling in for a couple meetings, I'm taking the day off!

Which segues nicely into our Question of the Week:
If you had a day off, a day where your child is being cared by someone else and you don&#…

All the Monkeys Aren't in the Zoo

When I heard that this week's blog blast from The Parent Bloggers Network was I Live in a Zoo to promote Generation Next's brand-new product - iKnow Animals, Letters & Sounds (which looks like a really cool product!), I thought of a few different ways I could run with this topic. There's the fact that we have a toddler, a dog and a cat, all of whom are constantly into things, underfoot and making messes that Londo and I have to clean up. There's the fact that my daughter could likely become a zoologist when she grows up given her love for animals and their sounds. But then it occurred to me how my life is most like a zoo...

My daughter is a monkey.

The Pumpkin is so clingy so much of the time. I'm not exactly complaining, because I do love to hold and cuddle her. She has always been clingy and needed to be held a lot. Goodness knows I would not have made it through the first year without the myriad of slings we got! But occasionally I need to put her down for so…