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Petting Farm in MD

Last May, we took the Pumpkin up to this really nice farm outside of Fredrick, MD, to go pet animals. Twice a year, Green Meadows opens up their petting farm, which not only had horses, pigs, cows and goats, but also has zebras and llamas!

We went with good friends of ours who have a son about a half year older than the Pumpkin. I think we all had a really good time, especially the kids. They both seem into animals, so it was a good choice for them, and definitely for me! I got to hold a baby goat and pet all sorts of animals!!! I'm crazy about animals, in case you didn't know. And the Pumpkin seems to be following in my animal-crazy footsteps.

As for the farm, the people there were so friendly and helpful. The environment was child-friendly with hand sanitizers placed in strategic places. The put on an afternoon show, which was really geared for older children, so our hot, hungry and tired toddlers were not able to stay for more than a couple minutes of the show. But the show …

DC Area Blogging Happenings

You all are wonderful, and it helps to read such supportive comments. Thank you. Now if only you all lived close to me and could get together and hang out with me!

On Monday, October 13th, I'm going to go to the BlogHer DC '08 Conference, which is part of the BlogHer Reach Out Tour '08. For those of us who are totally geeks about blogging interested in learning more about blogging and want to network with other bloggers but couldn't make it all the way out to San Francisco last July, BlogHer is doing this Reach Out Tour to different cities. Luckily, DC is on the list!

I know that Colleen is going. She and I are already planning to meet up at breakfast. Is anyone else going? It's apparently not to late to sign up, if you happen to be free on Monday.

Also, I had talked about spearheading another DC area get together in late September or October. Here we are almost mid-October and I haven't said a word about it. I was actually starting to think that maybe we could d…

Middle of the Night with Sick Pumpkin

You all have done some gross stuff! I'm impressed!

As for me, I am completely and utterly exhausted. The Pumpkin is still sick, although she no longer has a fever. Instead, she is congested and stuffy, with a runny nose and regular coughing fits that break my heart. She is also very uncomfortable and frustrated, which is extra fun in the middle of the night.

Last night, Londo tried to take the night shift to give me a break. But he could not get her back to sleep after 3 hours. Finally, I went in to give it a try, because you know I wasn't sleeping much through her off and on wailing.

I'm sad to say that she didn't do much better for me. I rocked her, walked with her, tried to lie down with her, sung to her, vented with her and tried so many things. But nothing worked--she simply could not get comfortable and fall asleep. I was up with her for two hours.

But guess what she did during those two hours? She threw the most magnificent tantrum that I've ever seen her thr…

Question of the Week - How Gross Are You?

Well, the Pumpkin is very sick. She's had a fever for a few days, runny nose, cough and she has thrown up in the middle of the night both Saturday night and Sunday night. She is especially clingy to Mama (or as she is starting to call me, Mommy). She is the poorest of all the pumpkins in our land! I just want to hold her and cuddle her all day and night.

Except of course that I have barely gotten any sleep for the past three nights, need a bit of a break and had to come into work today to get a bunch of stuff done. But I did take yesterday off.

We saw the doctor yesterday, and she said that she is just sick with something that is going around. It's nothing major, and there isn't an ear infection or anything. She's just sick. But she is very sick.

I know we are lucky though. The Pumpkin has been really very healthy overall. This is maybe her 3 or 4 sickness, her second fever ever and the first time she has thrown up.

You know, when I read on Ask Moxie about how parents w…

Songs in the Key of Pumpkin

Sometimes I think I live in a musical. In my house, we really do randomly break out into songs. Sometimes they are existing ones like Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star or the Alphabet Song. Sometimes we make up words to existing songs to be about the Pumpkin or to fit the moment. Other times we make up new songs altogether for the Pumpkin or the dog or the cat.

Probably the favorite song of Londo's, mine and the Pumpkin's is one I am proud to say I made up completely for the Pumpkin. It's basically her first name, middle name and last name, and then some words describing each name. Unfortunately, I don't use the Pumpkin's real name here at Cara Mama, so I won't be able to share with you all my genius. Besides, it's a tune I made up, so you wouldn't get the full effect of my brilliance by reading.

Instead, I will share two other songs that are very near and dear to me and my relationship with the Pumpkin.

When the Pumpkin was a newborn who would not be put down…