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Question of the Week - Changing Tastes

Toddlers. They are picky little people, aren't they? But then, so are many adults. What I have found, however, is that people seem to be more open to trying new things as adults and that our tastes change as we get older.

For example when I was elementary-school age, I didn't like tomato sauce on my pasta. My very Italian grandmother couldn't get over the fact that all I wanted on my pasta was butter. It wasn't until I was in junior high or high school that I started liking tomato sauce on my pasta. And now? I could eat it every day for every meal! I've come a long way, though I'm still picky discerning about many other things, not just foods.

This week's question of the week is:
What do you like or have discovered as an adult that you didn't like or weren't interested in when you were younger?

In a non-food area, I have discovered Bonanza in the last year (thank to Londo), and I really love that show! I don't remember ever watching it when I was younger, even though I did watch some western movies with my dad and other old TV shows. But I had no interest in Bonanza. Londo loves it and always has, so he has started watching it now that it is on TV Land regularly. I just barely paid attention to it at first, but I soon started getting interested. Now, I'm recording episodes that look interesting and am trying to be home in time to watch it!

My brother's answer would be guacamole. I remember about two years ago at a family dinner, my brother claimed he didn't like to eat anything green (yes, he is an adult and is even 6 years older than me!). Somehow, we convinced him to at least try the guacamole that was set out with chips and salsa. And wouldn't you know it? He LOVED it! Now he is often telling people about how he didn't think he'd like guacamole but he was so glad he tried it because it's delicious. He often uses this example to get his 14-year-old daughter to try new things.

What about you? Is there anything to eat, watch or do that you really enjoy as an adult but didn't like--or wouldn't even try--when younger? Maybe you'll open someone else's eyes by sharing!


Although I've never been a picky eater, there are a ton of tastes I've grown into. I like a lot of cheeses I didn't used to care for, and some vegetables like radishes and turnips.

My literary tastes have broadened, too, thanks to my husband. I used to mostly read fiction, but since I started picking up the books that he reads and recommends, I've branched out to history and natural history.
I'm Not Skippy said…
I still hate meatloaf. Other than that I'll eat just about anything.

My wife and I were just saying yesterday that we are in one of those moods where absolutely nothing sounds good to us. Do you ever get like that? Doesn't matter what it is, we don't want to eat it.
caramama said…
@I'm Not Skippy - I get that mood more often than I care to admit--my husband too. Usually, it means we end up eating cereal.
Katie said…
Asparagus. Detested it when I was young, randomly had some as a near-adult, lurve it now.
paola said…
Risotto used to make me gag! I went to loving it for a long time and now am sick of it again ( unless it's my husbands risotto with sausage, beans and wine. )

I often get bored with eating/cooking the same old food too, but have never resorted to having cereal . If I don't feel like anything there is always gorgonzola and home made bread!

I used to hate Saturdays becasue it was cleaing day, but it's my second favourite day of week now. Does that count.
Becoming Mommy said…
When it comes to food, I've always been a "taste first, ask what it was later" kind of person.
Which explains why I've eaten oh-so-many of the strange foods I see highlighted on some of those Travel/Food Network shows.

But I didn't think I'd like being a parent or wife when I was younger. Things have changed!
Tomato based products.

I also always ate my pasta without sauce, preferred cheese bread to pizza, would not eat meatloaf ect. But now? I eat it all the time. I still don't LOVE tomatoes but I do love some foods with them in it now.
Cloud said…
I did the tomato sauce conversion, too. Looking back, its hard to believe that I once wouldn't touch pasta with tomato sauce!

There are many other things I eat now that I wouldn't touch as a kid. Hubby is still waiting for me to convert into a fish-eater, though.
z said…
I didn't eat eggplant and squash when I was younger but now I really enjoy it. There are other things like that but I just can't remember them.

The rule in our house is you have to try everything and if you don't like it you don't have to eat it. But next time it is made you still have to try it simply because of what you said your tastes change over time. For instance my older son loved avocado and is now all of a sudden in an anti-avocado phase.
caramama said…
Oh, what z said about squash totally reminded me that I used to hate sweet potatoes! Now? I love them in most forms (but still don't like that holiday meal casserole with marshmellows on top). Londo makes the most amazing mashed sweet potatoes, too.
OneTiredEma said…
I used to eat pizza without cheese. My Italian babysitter's homemade pizza--I'd pick off the cheese (this was age 5 or so). (I can't believe I did that!)

I think I grew into green salads and such; I'm hoping my kids do the same. (and that they get over their textural bs) I got into artichokes when I was 5 or 6 because a friend of my mom's served them to me, and it was so cool to be able to eat with your hands and dip in the butter and all that. I love them, but unfortunately they are one of the very few veggies my husband does not enjoy.

I think they way things are prepared can play a role. When we got married, my husband claimed to not like a lot of things--guess what? I don't like mushrooms out of a can either. I served him cauliflower roasted instead of boiled, lo and behold he likes that too.

I still don't like okra and beets, though I try them from time to time if someone serves them.

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