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Question of the Week - Favorite Time of Day

We are back home now. On Sunday, we drove from Atlanta to my inlaws and spent the night there. Yesterday, we drove back home. It was a long time in the car, especially for a seven-months pregnant woman. But we made it, and a good time was had by all.

I'm happy to say that the Pumpkin had a wonderful time at her grandparents and didn't seem to miss us at all. I consider that a very good thing at this age. I know she loves us and probably did miss us, but it didn't stop her from playing with her cousin and uncle and aunt or from snuggling her grandma and grandpa or from enjoying the new places to play and different toys to play with.

I'm even more happy to say that the greeting Londo and I got when we saw her again was wonderful! She light completely up and just about squealed with delight. She let us hug and kiss all over her, and she gave us some back. Then she wanted to get down and show us some of the new-to-her things she was playing with--afterall, she is 2 and easily distracted.

It reminded me so much of my favorite time of day. Cloud once wrote about the same time of day, but that was before I was really experiencing the same type of scenario. However, shortly after, the Pumpkin began to have a similar reaction.

My favorite time of day is when I get home from work. The Pumpkin hears me come in and yells, "It's... Mommy!!"* Londo opens the baby gate that blocks the family room from the hallway that leads to the front door, and the Pumpkin (and dog) comes bounding out and running to me. I swoop her up into my arms and getting a big hug and kiss. (I also pet the dog, who is wiggling around my legs.) I also get warm greetings from my husband.

It's the best feeling in the world to come home to those you love and get welcomed so joyously.

So this week's Question of the Week is:
What is your favorite time of day?

It doesn't have to be kid related. If you really enjoy that quiet time after the kids have gone to bed, I don't blame you a bit. That's high on my list, especially when the Pumpkin goes to bed easily and I don't fall asleep in her room. Also high on my list are Sunday mornings, when Londo takes the Pumpkin out for breakfast and playtime with my brother and his twins. Those mornings are blissful!

But my second favorite time of the day is also kid-related. In the mornings, once the Pumpkin gets over the fact that Daddy is going/has gone to work and she's stuck with me, we have snuggle time. I put on Noggin, and she watches a show while cuddled up against me and my 5 pillows** in bed. Or in the evenings after dinner, when it's time to calm down a bit, and we watch a show while snuggling on the couch. Basically, I love snuggling her, and of course the only time she's sit still for that for long is if she's watching a show. Whatareyagonnado.

How about you? What's your favorite time of the day? Is it related to the kids? The partner? Work? Time for yourself? Do share!

*This used to be, "It's a... Mommy!" which was super cute. She also would say, "It's a... Daddy!" She applied this to coming in the door or walking downstairs. It felt a little like living on The Price Is Right, but being introduced as a generic Mommy/Daddy.

**I'm pregnant. Don't make fun. I NEED them. And I'm about to add a sixth.


Carmen said…
One of my favorite times of day USED to be after work for the same reasons you listed, but now he doesn't want to leave the babysitter's b/c I get there before a lot of the other kids leave and he wants to keep playing.

My current favorite kid-time is bedtime b/c we cuddle and I'm tired:) We have a short nursing session and then he rolls over, I put his blanket on him, I lay on my side and put my hand on his back and we hold hands with my other hand until he falls asleep. So freakin' sweet!

My super-favorite times are when the hubby and I get to go on dates. But that only happens MAYBE once a month so its barely worth mentioning!
paola said…
I really like Sunday mornign when we all have breakfast together without rushing.

I really like the hour or so I get off when Zoe has her nap.

I love the moment I pick up Noah from kindergarten and he races up, hurling himself at me.

I love the moment that the kids are in bed and me and dh can finally talk in peace without being interrupted by one of the kids.

I guess it's hard to pinpoint a favourite.
Cloud said…
It is still day care pickup. She still greets me with such joy that I can't help but smile, no matter how bad the rest of my day has been.

However, it is getting harder and harder to convince her to leave the playground and come get in the car. That part of day care pick up is no fun. But so far, the big smiles and delighted "MOOOMMMMY!" that greet me offset the ensuing struggle to get in the car and head home.

I'm glad you all had fun on the weekend away.
Burgh Baby said…
I have two, because I'm lucky like that. The first one is daycare pickup. I love being the center of the universe. The other is after everyone is in bed. I sit downstairs and just enjoy the utter and complete silence. Love them both!

Glad you had a great weekend!
HeatherY said…
Glad you trip was fun and that Pumpkin had a great time too. My favorite time of day is bedtime. Usually we rock in the rocking chair for 5 or 10 minutes. Then she lays in bed and I read to her. She listens and reads along to the parts she has memorized.

My other favorite is having a little time to myself at night watching a little HGTV or reading.
Anonymous said…
The best time for me is the ride to daycare in the morning. Our daycare provider lives on a very serene dirt road, complete with cow pastures, horses and old trees lining the road. It's my last moment to spend with Monkey before heading to work and something about the scenery brings momentary peace to both of us. Occasionally, Monkey will yell out, "Moos!" if the cows happen to be out grazing. It's like my calm before the storm of work.
Julie said…
Bedtime....MY bedtime. When both kids are asleep and I can crawl into my own bed, turn on the TV and spend about 30 minutes BY MYSELF before I pass out. Pure heaven.
MommyEm said…
My favorite time is when I pop my head into Dorothy's room in the morning and we greet each other for the first time of the day. She is usually smiley and wants to be picked up and held for a few minutes. I open up the blinds and we look out together to see what is going on outside. By then she has really awakened and is ready to begin the daily diaper battle. But at least we get those quiet moments together before the "NO DIAPER!" and other screeches begin. This favorite time is also repeated after her nap, which is nice.

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