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Morning Conversations Shorts

Thank you all for your kind words and thoughts. I'm still really in shock about the loss of our friend. I am going to write a couple of cute stories today to try and concentrate on nicer things.

The Pumpkin seems to have made a cognitive developmental leap lately. It's hard for Londo and I to pinpoint exactly what it is that's different, but we both have realized it. (I'll have to look into what's going on developmentally at this age.) What we have noticed is how she thinks about things seems slightly different, and the way she talks about things.

So here are some cute things she's said this morning and the other morning, each of which have at least something cognitively different from before this leap. I will put the pound sign (#) by things I think are new.

The other morning when Londo was downstairs feeding the dog, the Pumpkin woke up and came into our room as always. I had been in the bathroom washing up, but I heard her, so I came out of the bathroom and smiled at her.

caramama: Good morning, Pumpkin.
Pumpkin, looking around and putting her hands up in an I-don't-know position: I loss my daddy!#
caramama, stiffle laughter: Oh, honey. You didn't lose him. He's downstairs feeding the dog.
caramama, swooping up the Pumpkin for hugs and kisses, which are returned: I love you so much.
Pumpkin: I love you too, Mommy.
Pumpkin, after a brief pause, then leaning to the side: Can I get down now?#

We used to listen for airplanes and trucks and other outside noises and name them all the time. However, then she started arguing with me about which noise was which, and I think I dropped the game. This morning, while brushing the Pumpkin's teeth, I heard an airplane flying outside.

caramama: Do you hear that, Pumpkin? It's an airplane!
Pumpkin: No, it's not an airplane. It's a twuck!
caramama: It's not a truck. It's an airplane.
Pumpkin: No! It's a twuck!
caramama: Whatever.
There was a pause in the conversation.
Pumpkin: Hear dat, Mommy? Dat's an airplane!#
caramama: Yes! That is an airplane.
Pumpkin: No, it's a twuck.

And at that point, I dropped it again and started brushing her teeth. I just can't believe she started it up again with the correct noise-maker just to argue with me again! I'm sure she thinks it's a fun game. I'm so not in the mood for those kinds of games these days.

This morning we were walking downstairs, and I was wearing this really pretty white, layered maternity skirt. The Pumpkin looks at my skirt trailing a bit on the stairs as we go down.

Pumpkin: Mommy, are you a pincess?#
caramama: Why, yes. I am a princess.
Pumpkin: You are a pincess!
caramama: I am Princess Mommy! Actually, that would make me the queen. So I guess I'm a queen not a princess.
Pumpkin: A qween?
caramama: Yes, queens are the mommies of princesses. So you are the princess, and I am the queen.
Pumpkin: Yes, I am a pincess. And you are a qween!#

This is the first time I've heard the Pumpkin refer to any real person as a princess, or queen for that matter. She knows who the Disney Princesses are in general, since you can't escape their faces on all toys or cups or other kid crap. I was a fan of those princesses myself when I was younger, and there is nothing wrong with pretending to be a princess. I just want to model strong, independent princesses who can rule just as well as any man. And I want to model beautiful, strong, self-assured queens who have wonderful and supportive kings to help raise their royal brood. hehe.

I'm not going to tell this whole conversation (which was really just the Pumpkin talking to herself), but I wanted to at least make a note of this so I don't forget. The Pumpkin was playing in the mountain of pillows on my side of the bed this morning. At one point, she slammed a fist down in one of the pillows and said what I'm 95% sure was GD. But in the very next second, she was rearranging them nicely again, saying that this one goes here and where did the other one go.

Umm, oops. I hadn't said those words this morning. But she is surely modeling behavoir that she picked up from one of her parents. And it could have been either of us, unfortunately.

Londo was just saying that she is really picking up on everything we say these days and that we need to be extra careful of what we say. Indeed we do.


Cloud said…
Yeah, it is hard to put your finger on the changes right now, isn't it? But they are definitely there. Our Pumpkin is constantly surprising us with what she knows.

I love the stories!

If you want a good book about a strong, independent princess, try The Paper Bag Princess. I think it is a good counterbalance to the Disney princesses- who all have perfect hair and clothes, even if they are newer princesses meant to be strong, independent women.

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