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On His Due Date

Today was the day my little Pookie was due. I completely expected him to be late or a least closer to his due date, especially since the Pumpkin was ten days late. But not this guy! He is full of surprises already. He was born 5 days early--almost 6 days early. (And thanks so much everyone for your well wishes!!!)

In honor of his due date, I thought I'd write down a few things about having a newborn, in particular this newborn.

I tried to start this post since this morning and have been trying to finish it the rest of the day, but having a newborn means that time frames go completely out the window and what a person wants to accomplish may simply not get done. Hopefully I will get this post out tonight.

We got home from the hospital on Wednesday. The time in the hospital was a blur, and now the time at home has been a blur! What is it about babies that makes time such a blur? Well, until they make even a couple minutes in the middle of the night seem like an eternity. I had a pretty good stay at the hospital this time, especially because of the Mother and Baby Suites they now have, complete with a chair that pulls out into (a very narrow) bed for Londo. When I had the Pumpkin, it was a shared room and husbands were not allowed to stay. That stay was very frustrating for many reasons, almost all of which were not a problem this time!

About the baby... If this baby's eyes are open, he expects there to be a nipple in his mouth. No kidding. I don't remember if this was true about the Pumpkin as a newborn, but it probably was. At this stage, it's not like they know much more than sleep, eat and poop. In fact, Londo just changed his diaper and I've got the babe attached to my nipple right now as he is falling asleep.

I mentioned in the previous post that he is squeaky. It's very cute. And in addition to his squeaking, he has the cutest cry. It's a staccato "Ahhh ahhhh ahhhh." When he is really upset, his tongue meets the roof of his mouth, changing the "ahh ahhh ahh"s to "laaahhh laahhh laahhh." I cannot describe how absolutely adorable it is! Now when he starts to get worked up, we say to him, "la la la."

And the best news so far? On more than one occasion, we have put him down when he's asleep and HE STAYED LYING DOWN AND ASLEEP!!! For 45 minutes to an hour! And now? He's asleep and I'm going to try putting him down into the cosleeper next to my side of the bed!


Yay!! A sleeping newborn!

When le Petit was born, I shared my hospital room with a mom who had just had her second child. Her newborn son stayed quietly in the bassinet while le Petit refused to be anywhere but in my arms (and yes, with a nipple attached).

She told me that her first had been like le Petit. So I got into my head that the second time around, it will be much easier. No guarantees I know.

Wishing you wonderful moments of mother-son bonding and... sleep!
paola said…

With no.2, I was the only one in my ward of 3 whose baby spent the whole time in the bassinet too! The others were all either in mum's arms, in dad's, or in a nana's. And everytime they tried to put them down, the baby would start wailing. I actully got to read the newspaper, talk on the phone. I really enjoyed my second time in hospital.

Second babies must sense they are in excellent hands. Or perhaps it's simply that we don't have the time to coddle them as much as you still have to give the same amount of attention to your elder child, there's your partner too. Any time over is left for bubs. Anyway, that's what I found. No.2 didn't seem to mind though.


Noah did the same cry, but his went 'weeh weeh weeh weeh', a bit like a duck's quack. In fact he soon became known as Ducky Boy. Sounds like everything is going just fine. Take it easy and DELEGATE.
BisBink said…
Yea, so happy to hear that he is sleeping well for you!

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