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Question of the Week - Share a Story

The Pumpkin is having one of those weird mornings where she is having fun and we're laughing and then you ask her something, and there she goes. She gets her pout on, nothing is right and she refuses the thing she just wanted. I call The Twos (and I'm not the only one calling it that). I also call it not getting enough sleep.

Luckily, we did have a lot of fun for the most part. Partly that is because I have a doctor's appointment this morning and didn't have to hurry and get ready to go to work while watching her this morning. And Londo is working from home today. So we had time to let her fuss and cajole her out of it, as needed. We also had a few funny moments that I thought I'd share. Because when you are dealing with The Twos, you need to write down, revisit and hear from others all the cute moments you can!

Which is why this week's question of the week is:
Do you have a cute story to share?

Here are two of mine from this morning.

At one point, Londo and I were sitting on the couch with the Pumpkin between us drinking her milk. We were all watching a Blue's Clues, giving Londo and I time to drink a little coffee and wake ourselves up a bit. This morning, the clues were animal footprints, a tail and animal ears. We had the following conversation:

Londo, to me over the Pumpkin's head: It's Batman.
caramama: Batman doesn't have a tail.
Londo: We don't know what's under that cape.
The Pumpkin suddenly pipes up: I have a tail.

We burst out laughing. It was just so unexpected and cute. Then I said something about how she's good at wagging her tail. And sure enough, she started wiggling as if wagging her bottom while sitting. It was so cute.

The other story from this morning was me really entertaining myself while playing with the Pumpkin. I got her out of one funk by suggesting we build towers with blocks. We went from towers to a house to a car to a bridge. In fact, here was a cute exchange:

caramama: What should we build now? How about a bridge?
The Pumpkin: Good idea, Mommy! Good idea! Let's build a bridge!

So I we built a bridge, and I pretended one of the single blocks was a guy going over the bridge. The Pumpkin looked around and picked up one of her little stuffed dogs to go over the bridge. As she made the dog start to go up the steps to the bridge, I pulled out a single yellow block, and I sang, "I'm the grumpy old troll who lives under the bridge. I'm the grumpy old troll who lives under the bridge.* If you want to go over the bridge, you have to answer the following question. What is your favorite color?**" The Pumpkin looked at her toy dog, and after thinking for a minute, she pointed to the dog's back and said, "It's brown." I chuckled, very amused, and let the dog pass.

So those are a couple of cute moments from this morning. It's often the little things that get me through the more frustrating moments. Three days in a row of no napping does take its toll on all of us.

But I could use more cute moments. What have you got?

Name That Reference game:
*Which TV show reference is this?
**Which movie reference is this?


Katie said…
No clue on the TV show (we don't have cable), but the movie is The Holy Grail, of course.

Moment of cuteness: the Infanta playing with balloons. She discovered them over the weekend, and now is completely fascinated.
Charisse said…
Child wearing:

-heart & crossbones vans
-lavender sweatpants
-scarlet tutu
-gigantic red woolly bear hood with ears

riding up up into the trees on the doubleheight seesaw at the Maker Faire, giggling like a maniac.

Mama's (& Dada's) little nerdypie.
janel said…
When I read books to E, I always start not only by reading the title, but also the author.

The other night, he was walking around the apartment saying "Want some [incomprehensible]." He repeated himself several times before my husband and I had our Aha Moment. E was saying "Want some Donald Crews." As in, his favorite book: Flying by Donald Crews.
paola said…
I was applying cream on Noah (4.25y.o) before going to bed and asked 'why do we have to put the cream on?' He replies, 'cos I've got sensible skin!'
- Dana said…
Here's a couple resent moments from our household:

Being 8mo pregnant, some of my shirts don't fit as nice as they used to and they easily ride up. Aria (2.5yrs) always seems to catch this and points to the sliver of skin saying "baby brother's peeking out!" It cracks me up.

Also, kids always make up strange words for things. We always encourage using the correct words though. Aria's latest is calling individually wrapped american cheese slices "Pickle Cheese!" Where did she get that one? It's hard not to resist calling it that back to her because it's so darn funny.

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