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Question of the Week - You Know You Are a Parent When...

The bathroom I usually wear is definitely a Mom Bathrobe. It's very soft, fluffy and a lovely shade of green. It also has spit up, leaked milk, a bit of toothpaste and a Wubbzy sticker stuck on it. And you know what? I don't even care! I wear it around the house in the mornings while juggling both kids and in the evenings when trying to get at least one of the kids to bed (usually it's the Pookie, since needs me to nurse him and bounce him to sleep right about the same time the Pumpkin is going to sleep).

It just struck me yesterday morning that this bathrobe had become a Mom Bathrobe. Now, this is the bathrobe I bought cheap at Target when I was pregnant with the Pumpkin. I actually bought it to bring into the hospital with me so that I wouldn't ruin my nice white bathrobe (which is still pretty nice and only worn when the kids are asleep or not around me). So it was bought with the purpose of being a Mom Bathrobe. But it definitely makes me feel like a full-fledged Parent (notice that is with a capital P).

Someday, I'll pull back out the bathrobe that Londo gave me many Christmases ago. The black velor bathrobe with fake fur trim. But that bathrobe isn't for me as a parent. It's for me as a sexy woman and wife. For now, I'm a mom of young children. I've got a nursing infant who is going to spit up on me. I've got an exuberant toddler who is going to put stickers on me. While the Mom Bathrobe doesn't make me feel sexy, it does keep me warm when I'm with the kids in my pajamas. And Londo still finds what's underneath sexy, so I've got that going for me. Which is nice...*

So this week's question of the week is:

What item do you own that makes you feel like you are definitely a parent?

*Can anyone name that movie? The quote starts with the "so I've got..." It's one of my favorite quotes, and I love it when other people use it too!


I'm Not Skippy said…
Uh duh, Caddyshack.

Today was the first day of school for my wife so it was the first day of us leaving at the same time and the first day of me getting our son ready to leave in the morning. As I drove to work I noticed some yogurt residue on my shirt.

So yeah it's the parent badges I wear to work every day.
paola said…
Now that the kids are older ( 2.5, 4.5) I'd say a big handbag. Oh and Disney screens on the car windows.

Before, when the kids were babies, Bridget Jones undies ( and the equivalent bras).
Becoming Mommy said…
Sadly, it's the boogers wiped on my shoulder every morning when I pick Sasha up out of bed to put in the car.

I used to think he was just nuzzling into my neck. But no, he was just wiping his nose.
Anonymous said…
LOL. Becoming Mommy -- that's gross but hilarious.

I think the thing I own that makes me feel most like a parent are the multiple changing pads I own. One for each diaper bag. One for the basement so I don't have to go up two flights of stairs to change a diaper. And another, just for giggles apparently.
meggiemoo said…
- never leaving the house without the requisite snack/drink for the preschooler

- breastpump hauled every day into work

- pictures of my kids plastered all over my cubicle

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