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My Week and Returning to Work

I must admit, it's nice to be back at work. I wore jewerly today, fixed my hair, and am wearing professional clothes! Considering my uniform the past almost 3 months has been a t-shirt and sweatpants, my hair has been in a ponytail or bun (depending on just how long it had been since I showered), and my only adornment has been spit up or dried milk, it feels nice to be clean and look nice.

I'm very thankful to have the nanny. She has continued to watch the Pumpkin, give her breakfast and get her dressed in the mornings this week, while the Pookie is sleeping and I'm getting ready to leave the house. (I have been bringing her to pre-school all this week.) It's because of her that I was able to take a shower this morning and not return to work smelling like spoiled milk and poop (I had fun with a leaky diaper last night).

I know that pretty soon we'll all get into a routine. We are finding our way now, but transitions are never just simple. This week has been especially difficult because Londo has had to work on a project that required a quick turn-around, and lots of hours of work. He leaves for work before anyone else gets up in the morning, and this past week he has been working late into the evening and continuing to work once he is finally home. He even had to work over the weekend. He hasn't seen the Pumpkin since he left for work Monday morning (she had come into our bed in the middle of the night). He hasn't held the Pookie since Sunday night except to change a diaper in the middle of the night on Tuesday. He misses us, and I miss him like crazy! Luckily, he should be done with this project today, so we are all looking forward to the long weekend.

Meanwhile, with the Pumpkin in pre-school and the Pookie with the nanny, I have been finally getting the house in order. I have rearranged all of the cabinets so that we can fit in the children's things (cups, plates, snacks, etc.). I have re-purposed the hutch in the dining room so that it now holds the Pumpkin's (and in the future the Pookie's) toys and activities we need to put away when she's not using them--like the Playdoh and paints). I've started cleaning out the front room so that I can set it up with a desk to accommodate the items we dump when we get home--like the mail and our bags and keys and all that other crap that has no place to go.

I cleaned out my car, which hadn't been cleaned since the Pumpkin was born. Every morning this week, the Pumpkin would climb in all by herself, and she'd try to pick up and eat an old Cheerio or raisin from the floor. I had to keep telling her that everything in Mommy's car was old and dirty. So yesterday, I cleaned it inside and out! Including the poop "stain" in the back that had been there since I changed the Pookie a few weeks ago. (I just love poopsplosions, don't you?) I have "stain" in quotes, because a real stain would be something left behind after trying to clean it up, right? Well, I never even tried to clean it before yesterday. That's how gross my car was. But now, it is beautiful and poop-free!

With Londo away and busy so much, I've also done things that he would normally do, like take out the trash, pour drain clearer down my drain and move many many things to the basement. All that on top of the normal laundry, dishes, grocery shopping and the care and feeding of the children. I would also like to take this time to thank my mom, who came over every night this week to help me with dinner and putting the kids to bed.

Like I said on Tuesday, it's been a busy week. But now, I'm clean, fresh, looking nice and back at work! And very happy to be here!


Anonymous said…
Glad to hear you are feeling like yourself again!
Trannyhead said…
It sounds like you're quite organized ... I think the more kids you have, the more organized you have to be. Or maybe it's just that the more kids you have, the less you care how organized you are and you just let the chaos reign supreme.

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