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Question of the Week - Kids Shows You Like

Over the last 2+ years, I've had the opportunity to enjoy (and really NOT enjoy) many different kids shows. When turn on a show for the Pumpkin, we generally put it on Noggin, which is now Nick Jr., and sometimes Sprout. Back in my day, there was Saturday morning cartoons and some on after school, but that was it. There were 4-6 channels (depending on the TV getting in Fox and/or UPN in addition to the networks and PBS), and you were lucky to get Sesame Street AND Mr. Rogers!

With all the variety out there, plus On Demand offering up so many shows with a push of a button, we really can pick out the shows we like and want the Pumpkin to watch, rather than just settling for whatever is on.

So this week's question of the week is:

What kids show do you actually enjoy watching?

I think my favorites are Backyardigans and Wonder Pets. I was not into Wonder Pets at first, but once I saw a couple episodes, I have really started to get a kick out of them. And Backyardigans is so well done and interesting! I'm fine with Dora and Deigo and Ni Hao Kialan. I still really like Toot and Puddle. Oh, and now I've discovered Jack's Big Music Show, which is great for us who love music.

How about you? Any that you actually leave on once the kid leaves the room? Do all the songs get stuck in your head like they do mine?


Marianne said…
I like Little Bill. It seems like it would be preachy and heavy-handed, but it's actually a nice show. My daughter does not like Jack's Big Music Show, so I don't get much of a chance to watch it :-(
Anonymous said…
We love Sid the Science Kid. LG has been singing Decay and On Penguin Pond constantly recently...then I found myself singing them in the grocery store the other LG in sight.

My three year old is very sensitive (Swiper the fox on Dora makes her scream and leave the room!). She LOVES "Little Bear" (super gentle and sweet, used to be on TV, now we ordered some compilations from Amazon) and "Kipper" (British cartoon about a dog and his friends. Very gentle and there's NO horrible music to drive me crazy: SEE DORA.)
electriclady said…
I love Jack's Big Music Show! We only watch kids' shows that we can actually tolerate, which means no Wonder Pets or Dora/Diego (why do they always yell?). (Our other staples besides Jack are Little Bear and Blue's Clues, though she's outgrowing Blue, it seems.)

I also get a kick out of Backyardigans, but my husband isn't into it, and since he's the stay-at-home parent, he pretty much rules the kiddie remote.
Becoming Mommy said…
Kipper is a cute, short little show.
Max & Ruby isn't bad either, but we've had to mostly keep the kiddo from it because he gets a bit addicted to these bunny tales.
And Shaun the Sheep is pretty funny.
meggiemoo said…
Love Kipper and Shaun the Sheep. Little Bear and Franklin are sweet and calm. I can't stand the frenetic shows, so we don't watch them. We usually watch Martha Speaks or Curious George in the a.m. I like Little Einsteins for the classical music and art.
Sky said…
Humf is one of my favourites and Charlie and Lola is also very good. Both are so much better than Dora, who my daughter is addicted to. Shaun the Sheep is pretty funny too.
Charisse said…
old Muppet Shows on DVD :)
I'm Not Skippy said…
Before we had a kid I probably watched Cartoon Network more than any other station. I still try to catch some and can't wait until my son is old enough to like better cartoons. I am also a pretty hardcore Muppets and Animaniacs fan.

I now enjoy Jack's Big Music Show a lot, Sesame Street, for the first 35 minutes before Elmo's World takes over, and I think World World is very creative.

We don't get to watch those much, mostly we watch Thomas and Friends because that's what the kid likes.
Shellie said…
This is terrible, but I can't think of any kid's shows right now. We like Boomerang for the old cartoons we grew up with, like the Pink Panther, and Cartoon Network is evil ;). Noggin has some good shows.

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