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Question of the Week - Bedside Tables

I am a curious person by nature. Will you let me peek into your lives by answering this week's question of the week?

What is on your bedside table?

Since we got new bedroom furniture two year ago, I have a pretty small bedside table. All that is on it right now is my alarm clock, a box of tissues and about 3 or 4 cups of water.

I used to keep more on it, but because it's small and because my daughter loves to take things off it when she's on our bed, I have really minimized what's there. I used to keep books on it, but now I put them on a shelf next to it. At night, I also have my glasses on it, and sometimes my nightgaurd (I have TMJ). I used to keep my hand cream and lip balm on it too, but now those are in the bathroom out of the Pumpkin's reach.

How about you? Is your bedside table overflowing or minimalist? What do you need handy in the night and in the morning?


Becoming Mommy said…
lets see...
Alarm clock
Baby monitor
Tissue box
a half dozen hairbands
candles (habit from living in lands with frequent power outages. I am compelled to have lots of emergency candles everywhere)
Katie said…
Lotion/massage oil
Book (you know I'm a big reader, right?)
At night:
hair thing (fork/hairband/style assist of the moment - right now it's a lovely rosewood 3-tined fork)
cell phone
Sometimes a water glass

DH has the clock on his side.

Since the Infanta likes to abscond with whatever catches her eye, and my nightstand is at face level, my accumulation is pretty minimal right now. In the past it's included tissues, candles, more books... pretty much as above, but more of it.
Charisse said…
Alarm clock
broken humidifier
small flashlight (in case)
cup of water
tissue box (it's been going around)
baby monitor (yes, Mouse is 5 1/2 - we live in a railroad flat with her more than 30 feet away at the other end of the hall)
Whatever art Mouse stuck there last night

Books are piled high under and around the table, in case I ever get around to reading again.
caramama said…
Oh yeah, I always have 1 to about 5 ponytail holders on my bedside too. And the monitor for the baby (when he's actually in the nursery) is on Londo's bedside.
Anonymous said…
Wow... everyone seems to have a lot. Makes me feel better!

I have:

a lamp
alarm clock
two books
one small notebook
a phone (which is disconnected since we don't have a landline anymore)
my cellphone
a mug (last night's tea)
a glass (last night's water)
and a wine glass (tonight's bedtime treat!)
Cloud said…
My bedside table was sacrificed to make room for the cosleeper. Now I have a bag hanging from our headboard (my mom sewed it for me). It holds a bottle of water and my glasses while I sleep. We have an old diaper box at the head of the cosleeper with a little stereo to play the sound of waves that I downloaded from iTunes (white noise for Petunia) and our phone.

The bedside table is in the baby's room, and has my pump and a couple of books on it.

Before this rearrangement, my bedside table had the phone, the clock radio, a kleenex box, a stack of books, a glass of water and my glasses.
Maria said…
My bedside table is perpetually overflowing, so a few years ago I gave in and stopped having a regular one. Now I am using my dresser as a bedside table, and it has a small bookshelf on top. On it I have:

• the book of the moment (or maybe a couple)
• a couple of kid books
• lamp
• glass of milk or cup of tea, depending on what time of day it is
• clock
• tiny fingernail clippers (a throwback to when p was younger and we did bedtime nail care)
• a speaker/dock thingie for the ipod so p can have audiobooks or music to fall to sleep to
• cell phone

That's on the reachable part of the dresser. On the shelves are many more books, journals, a holder for 3 tea lights plus a bag of tea lights to fill it with and matches to light them with, and depending on how recently I've tidied up, various random pieces of paper with drawings or notes on them, and laundry that needs to be either washed or folded and put away and etc etc.

I can't believe I don't have any kleenex on there; that's usually a staple, and also hand cream. I'm sure that will make its appearance before too long as winter gets more entrenched.

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