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Question of the Week - Don't Jinx It!

Today, the Pookie is 6 months old! I can't believe it's been half of a year since we've had him in our lives and we've been a family of four (six, if you count the animals). Happy Half-Birthday to the Pookie!


On Friday, I was talking on the phone with Londo. Something about the Pumpkin's sleeping came up, and Londo mentioned that since she turned two, she has mostly been sleeping through the night in her own bed. I've discussed before how she doesn't always and what our parenting stance is on that, but I'd say about 2/3s to 3/4s of her nights since she turned two have been her sleeping through on her own.

Anyway, Londo dared to say the words out loud! And added that she's been sleeping through all the time lately! I quickly said, "Don't say it! You'll jinx it!"

Londo responded, "I don't believe it'll jinx it. It's not like this is football. She's either going to sleep well or not, regardless of whether we talk about it."

Now I'd like to point out three things:
1. Londo totally believes that random things people do or say WILL jinx a football game, team or player.
2. Friday night? The Pumpkin woke up from bad dreams before midnight and spent a rough, unsettled night in our bed. Therefore, the jinx happened (and I totally blame Londo).
3. Now that I've written about it, I am fully aware that I've jinxed it and she'll certainly be up tonight.

So this week's question of the week is:
What jinxes do you believe in?

While I roll my eyes at wearing a sports hat a certain way because it will affect a game, I totally believe that talking about good sleep means the end of it. I've just seen it happen time and time again. Of course, with my bad sleepers, it probably would happen anyway, but I try not to chance it.

How about you? Do you think you can jinx something? What do you do to ensure your favorite sports team wins?


paola said…
Oh, yeah I TOTALLY agree about jinxing sleep. In fact, I simply have to think that Zoe's sleep has improved for it to go down the toilet.

Italians are pretty superstitious about those kinds of things. Hubby won't let me talk about health issues, for example, without doing the equivalent of touching wood (touching his balls!! ).
Katie said…
When I say something I think will be a jinx, I make it a conditional statement - blah blah blah YET, or whatever. Generally works to not jinx.
caramama said…
Oh and you know how I said on Friday that I'm handling the tantrums pretty well? Apparently karma read that as me saying I would like a whole lot more tantrums. Totally jinxed that.
-goofydaddy said…
I did't used to believe in jinxes.

But lemme tell you, when Aria was younger and someone would ask how she was sleeping, we'd say she was sleeping through the night, or sleeping in until 7am (funny how the phrase "sleeping in" has a different definition with babies/toddlers), then that very night she would wake up multiple times or wake up at 5am and not want to go back to sleep. it only happened a handful of times, but that was enough for us to shorten our answer to "she's a good sleeper".

and the KING of all jinxes: Aria potty trained relatively well. almost SIX months after we started, we were at a friends house and they asked how it was going because they would be starting soon with their son. they were worried about poop in the pants. we said "oh that's never happened with Aria." 10 seconds later, she came up to us with POOP IN HER PANTS. it's like she heard it as a challenge.
meggiemoo said…
Your kid's sleep is the ultimate in jinxes, but it also works on:

- "Wow, the traffic is pretty light today" [massive pile-up around the next bend in highway]

- "Big K has been really easy-going lately" [day of tantrums ensues]

I often *think* these things (because everyone knows you can be jinxed because of your thoughts), but I rarely say them out loud, and if myself or my DH does, the other one immediately yells, "Oh no!!!"

I should really start carrying around salt to throw over my shoulder...
"Lexie hasn't thrown up in two weeks!"

Charisse said…
illnesses for me! if I complain about what's going on "but at least it's not X" then I'm in for X for sure. Very silly, but I believe it firmly.
Karen said…
I may joke about it, but I don't believe in jinxing. Things either happen or they don't. Nothing I say or do will help the Steelers have a better season this year (unfortunately) nor will it potty train my 6 year old.
Anonymous said…
Anything you say about your kid will jinx it. Especially if they can hear you!!

Also if I tell myself to be careful and not drop or spill some kind of food I'll spill it.
OneTiredEma said…
don't laugh--i have a scrunchie with the yankees logo on it. i noticed years ago (like 2002, soon after i got it) that they would lose on days i wore it in my hair.

so now, though i don't care about the yankees all that much anymore (dh is the true blue fan), i only will put it in my hair in the winter.
mom2boys said…
Sleep, tantrums, colds...anything that has the power to make waves and upset any semblance of balance we have going on.

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