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It's A...


Of course we would have been happy either way. I am very close with my sister, and the idea of having sisters is very appealing to me (although I'm also close with my brother, it's just not the same relationship). But it's a nice idea to have a boy and a girl. One of each.

Because, I'm pretty sure I'm done! We won't do any permanent (or semi-permanent) for another four or five years, just in case we do change our minds. I have always thought I wanted three kids... at least before I had any. In another four or five years, I may think I can handle it again. So we'll wait and see, but for now, I'm done!

I will soon post a draft I've been writing about the hardships of pregnancy (to me). I'm sure I've stated before that I don't really enjoy being pregnant. As Londo puts it, it's a means to an end. The point for us was never to be pregnant or even to have a baby. The point was to have a child, to have children.

But in this post let me…

Our (Sort of) "Babymoon"

Before the Pumpkin was born, I had heard of people taking "babymoons," which were supposed to be like honeymoons except for before a baby comes. Londo and I didn't see the need for this prior to the Pumpkin. After all, we'd had over 9 years together before the Pumpkin was born. I'm very happy to say that we had kept the romance alive all those years, even during the 2 plus years of trying to conceive and the fertility treatments. In addition, after our miscarriage and prior to restarting the fertility treatments (with which we got pregnant with the Pumpkin), we took a Carribean cruise together because we needed to get away and have a vacation together. So there was really no need for a "babymoon."

This time, however, things are different. Londo and I are constantly exhausted from the months-long sleep regressions that the Pumpkin goes through. We are really busy with work, and (here's an understatement) winter is not my best time of year. We have too…

Question of the Week - Different Personalities

Update below

First, I'm so excited to announce that one of Londo's and my friends IRL has had her baby about two weeks ago! (I know I'm super late announcing, but I've just not had a good memory lately.) After a difficult pregnancy, which included an extended hospital bedrest, she had Alexandra ("Lexie") at almost 31 weeks. She says Lexie is doing well in the NICU, and I hope she is able to go home with her parents soon.


I'm having so much trouble writing lately. The thing about my SAD that is one of the hardest for me to deal with is that I really lose my creativity and decision-making abilities. There is all sorts of things going on that I would like to write down, but I can't seem to get it out. Both because I don't feel creative enough and because I can't decide what to write or how to write it. Instead, I just don't write more or write only when I force myself (like now).

February is going to be tough for me. Marc…