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A Pre-Schooler?

I am going to write up the Pumpkin's year in review, but I didn't start on that early enough, so it's not ready yet. I'm also going to do her annual assessment again this year, but that will come after her year in review. I'm sure I'll post them next week.

But what struck me today was the email I got from this morning. For the last year, the email subject was "Your Toddler" and then the age. This morning when I opened my email, there was the email but the subject started "Your Pre-Schooler."

Oh my! I know yesterday I said I couldn't really call her a toddler anymore because she doesn't really toddle. And yes, we are looking into pre-schools for her to start this fall (another post on that later). But there it was, in black and white. Your Pre-Schooler. And yes, she is. Wow!

Cara Figlia - Happy 2nd Birthday

Cara mia ragazzina,

It's been a while since I wrote you a letter, my sweet little girl. But today, on your second birthday, I simply had to write you and tell you what a joy you are. Your father and I can hardley believe you are already 2 years old! We can barely remember what life was like prior to your birth 2 years ago, although I vaguely remember getting more sleep. You have changed our world, and we couldn't be happier.

I call you my little girl now, and rarely refer to you as baby. You simply aren't a baby anymore. You are a tall, strong, very verbal, very active little girl. I hesitate to even call you a toddler, because that implies that you toddle. You run, you climb, you jump, you waddle like a penguin, you hop like a frog... but toddle? Not in a long time.

In fact, you are constantly amazing us with the things you can do, and the things you no longer do. I simply can't believe that 2 years ago you were just a like "a lump of broccoli" as your daddy l…

Flashback to My Birth Story

Two years ago today, my water broke while I was in the movie theater, starting my labor with the Pumpkin. And you thought things like that happened only on TV!

For those of you who haven't read it, or those who might like to re-read it, I will now take you on a flashback to the Pumpkin's birth story that I wrote up last year...

~ dododo ~ dododo ~ dododo ~

Remembering Labor and Delivery

Question of the Week - Music To Stick Around For*

I heard two songs I love on the radio the other day, and it got me thinking about songs which if on the radio, I wouldn't turn the station. Of course I started wondering what those songs were for other people. But as I started my own list in my head, I realized it was WAY to long. I mean, I'd have to say anything by Led Zeppelin, the Doors, the Beatles, Alicia Keys, John Mayer, Jimmy Buffet and so many others, especially 80s music.

Then it occurred to me that the true distinction I was wondering about, and this week's Question of the week, is:

What are the five songs that you will stay in the car to listen to, even after you have reached your destination?

All those bands and singers I mentioned earlier (and more) and that I love so much? I have their CDs, so I can listen to their music any time. But there are fewer songs that I will linger until the end. Most of them I even have on CDs (and iPod), but I love them so much for one reason or another that I will stick around for…