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Showing posts from March 22, 2009

Sometimes Only the Dog Can Hear Her

Ah, toddlerhood. The joys, the playfulness, the communication, the tantrums, the emotional chaos, the inability to truly use much reason. Fun, isn't it?

Amazingly, I find myself able to handle the tantrums. I was a very emotional and sensitive child (and still am as an adult in many ways), so I really feel sympathy and understanding for her overwhelming emotions--her personality didn't fall far from the tree. As was discussed on Ask Moxie the other day, her tantrums at this age are really due to being overwhelmed and frustrated, not trying to get control or partake in a power struggle.

I figure we are at stage one of the tantrums. To me, this is when she is not able to control her emotions and doesn't know how to deal with it, and what she needs is sympathy and safe arms waiting to hold her. The next stages will be learning other ways to handle the overwhelming emotions and learning how to feel it coming and be able to head it off, when those lessons are age appropriate. Bu…

A Big Weekend for My Big Girl

There was a time, pre-Pumpkin, when I didn't understand why people measured their children's lives in months, or even weeks with infants. There was a lot of other things I didn't get either. This age-by-month/weeks was one I didn't judge but didn't understand. Now (and for a while), I totally get it.

My daughter is officially two now. She is a two year old. Yet I have a really hard time telling people she is two. I will often say, "She just turned two" to most people. To people who also have young kids, I'm likely to say, "She is 24 months old." This is because there is really a huge difference between a child who just turned two and one who is two but about to turn three. There is even enough of a difference between just turned 2 and 2 1/2 that I feel the need to distinguish the Pumpkin's age.

Physically and verbally, she is on level with a lot three year olds, including her cousins. But emotionally and developmentally (outside the phys…

I'm Back, Baby!

You may have noticed, as my friend paola did, that I've been around a lot more. Not only am I posting more on my own site, but I'm also jumping back into conversations on Ask Moxie, catching up with all the blogs I used to read (and I really do go back and read most of the posts, depending on how many I'm behind), and even commenting more frequently again on other blogs.

I recently said that I felt my spirits lifting because I could tell I was about to feel better. Well, now I can officially say that I feel better. The fog that was in my brain has melted away. I'm able to think more clearly and plan things to do and even do things like run errands after work! In other words, I'm feeling like a normal human being again.

However, the exhaustion? Still here. But I truly believe that's due to the pregnancy and a toddler who is not a good sleeper, rather than my SAD. Considering I was exhausted pretty much my whole pregnancy with the Pumpkin, I'm not surprised to…

Question of the Week - Those Girls and Their Cookies

One good thing about being pregnant is that I don't worry about how many cookies (or ice cream or candy bars...) I eat. And being pregnant when the Girl Scout Cookies come out for sale? Ohhhhh, it's very good timing!

My only real problem is that I bought the amount I normally would buy, and that's not enough for me while pregnant. Not nearly enough!

So this week's question of the week is:

Which is your favorite Girl Scout Cookie? If you don't get Girl Scout Cookies, than what is your favorite packaged cookies?

I actually don't usually like packaged cookies. Any of them, even when they are stuffed with icing or have chocolate in them or fruit flavors. But for some reason, the Girl Scout Cookies are an exception. In fact, I've loved two of them for as long as I can remember.

Since childhood, I've had a tie for my favorites: Tagalongs and Samoas. I love them both so very much, and I could never pick one over the other. Until this year. Maybe it's just due …