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Pregnancy Shorts

Not the shorts you wear. Shorts as in snippets, briefs, little stories or thoughts. It occurs to me that I tend to write really long narratives (at least when I'm feeling myself). Sometimes, I just want to tell short stories, but they often turn into long ones (like this paragraph is already). So, I'm going to occasionally do shorts. Today's will be some lighter, brighter snippets about pregnancy.


A few weeks ago, when my dad was over to help get the Pumpkin's new room ready and we were just organizing things, I was sitting on the steps waiting for something. My dad looked at me and asked if I needed something to do.

I responded that I was doing something. I was always doing something. I was gestating. And it's hard work.


One aspect of pregnancy that I don't mind at all is the weight gain. I know plenty of other women who hated that part, but not me! I think it's hysterical that I weigh so much or th…

Quick Thinking with Long-Term Results

I mentioned yesterday (and probably earlier also) that I really do love the toddler/pre-schooler age. I find it so rewarding and exciting. And I deal with the tantrums surprisingly well. I know my daughter really well by now, and I know that she doesn't tantrum to get what she wants (for a great conversation about this, check out a recent Ask Moxie post, with a fantastic answer from Sharon, Mommy Mentor, and great discussion from the commenter). Heck, half the time she has no idea what she wants. We get a lot of "I wan milk!" and a second later "No milk!" for pretty much everything. I know she is mostly frustrated about something and overwhelmed with emotions that she doesn't know how to deal with.

We are working on helping her develop skills to deal with her emotions, tools to use instead of whining and having melt downs. But sometimes, it's just about appeasing the beast so we can move on to whatever needs to be done. Especially at bedtime, which seems…

Here's Where I Rant About Being Pregnant

There was an evening function last night that many of my coworkers went to. I didn't go, as I'm too tired and had just gotten back from my trip. But one of my coworkers told me this morning about a conversation they had during the dinner portion of the evening, a conversation in which I played a prominent role.

Of the four women I work with, three have been pregnant at least once. But the fourth is fresh out of college and does not have kids. The topic of pregnancy came up, since one of the three women with kids is pregnant again. The fourth woman mentioned that she is nervous about ever getting pregnant because it does not sound like a good experience. Pretty much everyone there said that's because she was talking to me too much (she and I often walk to the deli together because we eat at the same time of day). They assured her that not all pregnacies are as rough as mine, and that I particularly don't enjoy being pregnant.

It's so true. In fact, it's more than…

Question of the Week - Favorite Time of Day

We are back home now. On Sunday, we drove from Atlanta to my inlaws and spent the night there. Yesterday, we drove back home. It was a long time in the car, especially for a seven-months pregnant woman. But we made it, and a good time was had by all.

I'm happy to say that the Pumpkin had a wonderful time at her grandparents and didn't seem to miss us at all. I consider that a very good thing at this age. I know she loves us and probably did miss us, but it didn't stop her from playing with her cousin and uncle and aunt or from snuggling her grandma and grandpa or from enjoying the new places to play and different toys to play with.

I'm even more happy to say that the greeting Londo and I got when we saw her again was wonderful! She light completely up and just about squealed with delight. She let us hug and kiss all over her, and she gave us some back. Then she wanted to get down and show us some of the new-to-her things she was playing with--afterall, she is 2 and eas…