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I'm Not the Only One Yawning

Our big ultrasound went well, as I talked about previously. There was one small concern that the doctor had based on the ultrasound. Apparently, the boy has a little bit of fluid built up in his kidneys.

The doctor says it's nothing to worry about, and I'm of the mind to believe him and not google it or anything. I'm so much less worried about everything with this pregnancy, and it's been nice. It's not something to ignore, though. What we need to do is keep our eyes on it. So every 4-6 weeks, we have to have another ultrasound. Not that we mind. We get to see the boy and how much he's developing!

So far, the fluid levels have stayed the same, which means there doesn't appear to be a blockage of the kidneys (that is the concern--that the fluid is due to blocked kidneys which would be a big issue). On Tuesday, I went in for another ultrasound, and the fluid levels are still the same. We're good so far!

What was amazing was seeing all the details of my litt…

Multi-Lingual Child

I love other cultures and languages. This is a love that runs in my family and has been cultivated by my family. For instance, my mother's father could speak 6 language fluently and could get by in maybe 5 or 6 more. My mother's mom's speaks Italian, and her mother came over from Italy. My mother majored in French in college and has picked up a decent amount of Italian, Spanish and German over the years. In my father's family, one of his sisters and his brother both married Filipino spouses. Although my dad struggles with languages, many members of his family speak English, Spanish and Tagalog with equal ease.

On all sides of my family, just about everyone has loved to travel. Londo's parents also love to travel and learn about other cultures, so there's definitely interest rom that side as well.

I can't wait until we are ready to travel to other countries with the Pumpkin and the Peanut. (What do you think? Is Peanut a good nickname for the boy?) I can'…

Question of the Week - I'd Eat That Every Day

The other night, Londo made us beanie weenies for dinner. He actually offered the Pumpkin the choice of Manwich or beanie wienies, and she picked the later, saying, "Oh, I love beanie weenies!" She really does love chopped up hot dogs mixed in with baked beans. And so does Londo. (I'm only okay with them. I'd rather have a hot dog in a bun with a side of baked beans, but I don't complain when Londo cooks--which is all the time lately.)

As Londo is dishing out his plate and the Pumpkin's plate, he says to me, "This is my favorite meal. It's nutritious and delicious. If I were stuck on a deserted island and could only have one meal, it would be this. I would eat it for breakfast, even."

It was quite a bold statement for a dish of food. I was impressed. I had not realized he loved beanie weenies that much.

Then he turned to me and asked me what is the one food I would have if stuck on a desert island. Without hesitating I answered, "Pasta."…