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caramama's Romance Novel Recommendations

In my post about tips to help get in the "mood," I wrote about how much I love romance novels and how I look for ones that I consider well written. Now, I'm not an expert on great writing, and I certainly have my own preferences that are different from other people's preferences. But I did get my Bachelor's degree and Master's degree in writing fields and began my career in a writing aspect of my current field. I have read many classics, literature from the canon, classic and contempory poetry, and non-fiction research science novels. I've also read trash, light-hearted beach reads, and books I couldn't even finish because they were so awful in every genre.

I particularly love romance novels. I started reading them in high school and continued in college. By grad school, I was so busy reading research and studying that I had very little time for leisure reading. But when Londo and I moved back to the DC area and my SAD hit me hard, I realized I needed…

Infertility Stories

The fun post with my romance novel recommendations is being pushed back yet another day. But for an even better reason than yesterday's reason.

This week is National Infertility Awareness Week. I wish I had realized it sooner, but it was only yesterday that I read about it on the blog a little pregnant. (I believe I missed it last year too, because I'm bad for remembering dates of things.)

I've talked a bit about our struggles with infertility and I've written a whole post about my miscarriage. So I'm not going to go into my stories any more right now. Especially since we were especially lucky to have needed only ONE medicated IUI cycle to get pregnant with the peanut currently in my belly.

Instead, I want to share some other stories of people I know who have struggled with infertility, because there is so much that people go through that others don't even realize. Happily, the stories I know have good endings, although that is simply not true for everyone.

I h…

Swine Flu and Kids

I had a whole other post planned for today. A happier post. One about which romance novel writers I recommended (of course, I've been planning that post since a few people asked me for it a few weeks ago, but I really was/am going to do it!). I will do that post tomorrow. This morning, I read an article and I have to talk about. I know I never talk politics or even discuss current events in the news, but today I feel compeled.

The story I read was about the first US death attributed to the swine flu. The death was of a 23-month-old toddler in Texas. As with all strains of the flu, the populations who should be most careful are the elderly, people with chronic conditions that affect their immune systems or heart, the very young and the pregnant women, for various reasons.

I don't believe in panicking over things, and this is included, but I do believe in being careful and prepared. Because I am a pregnant woman and have a toddler, I feel that my family should be extra careful an…

When Mama's Grumpy and Toddler is Unfocused

After a poor night of sleep for Mama, Daddy and Toddler, the Pumpkin was up at 6:00. The parents were not ready to get up yet, so we let her watch a couple TV shows while we dozed. And that went fine for a while.

A little before 7:00, she was done with TV. Which meant I was done with sleeping. I took her downstairs to let Londo have a little more sleep and get ready for work, while we fed the dog and ate cereal. All too soon, she was ready to get into everything play. I was still really tired and achy. I tried to relax on the couch while she played, but she would not focus on anything. She would start one thing, then move on to another, then try to get into something else.

At one point, I picked her up and sat her on the couch next to me, telling her I wanted to talk to her about something. I explained that Mommy was very grumpy this morning. She responded, "You're not grumpy."

There's nothing quite like a toddler arguing with you when you tell them you are grumpy.


Question of the Week - Pricey Isn't Always Better

I had a fabulous weekend, and I hope you all did too. A few weeks ago, my wonderful husband had given me a "pushing" present, that really was more of a "I-know-how-hard-this-has-been-on-you-and-that-you-hate-being-pregnant-but-I-appreciate-what-you-are-doing" present, that was a gift certificate to Red Door Spa. His friend had given his wife (who is now a friend of mine) an early anniversary present that was also a gift certificate to the spa. They had us coordinate the spa day to be on the same day as the football draft so they could sit around all day playing cards and watching the draft. Londo also took care of who would watch the Pumpkin (his mom came up to visit for the weekend).

So Saturday, we had a lovely day at the spa! I got a prenatal massage and a facial, plus a complimentary make-up refresh. I love the way she did my makeup and learned a few tips from her. I'm a makeup girl, and I have been one since preteens. I love makeup and always appreciate ne…