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Allergies, Cops and DC Area Meet Up (Oh, My!)

Because I'm even more oblivious to things than normal, I found out only yesterday that this week is both Food Allergy Awareness Week and National Police Week. These are two topics that mean a lot to me, so I'm going to talk about them a little before I get to the post about the DC Area Meet Up (which looks like it will be 5/23!).

Since it looks like the Pumpkin is allergic to peanuts, awareness of food allergies has become especially important to me. I highly suggest everyone learn at least a little about food allergies, because even if your kids don't have an allergy, one of their friends or familily members might. It's important to understand how to be respectful, informed and considerate of those with food allergies.

I have always thought, what if it was my child who could literally die if she was exposed to ______? Wouldn't I want understanding from others, not just eye rolling and frustration from another parent who can't pack a …

Planning the Boy's Birth

I always thought it was crazy to think you could actually plan a child's birth. But I believe in knowing as much as you can about the birth, trying to figure out what you think will work best for you, listening to the doctors/midwifes/duolas/relatives/friends whose opinions you respect, and then going with the flow once the labor process starts. Most importantly, I believe it's so important to be flexible and not be set on how it has to be because babies, your body and nature are going to do what they do regardless of what you expect them to do.

I really believe that my feelings about flexibility and not mentally insisting that labor and delivery had to meet my ideal expectations helped me adjust well to the Pumpkin's labor and delivery. The labor which started with what I had thought were Braxton Hicks until my water broke at the movie theater, continued with 16 hours of labor in the hospital and ended with an unplanned C-section for her delivery. I never mourned "wha…

Question of the Week - Date Night

First, (belated) Happy Mother's Day!! I hope all you mamas had a wonderful day and you daddies aren't too exhausted from shopping for presents and cards, making breakfasts, watching the kiddos and doing housework! I had a wonderful day, and I thank Londo for being so good to me.

Second, there is a fantastic new website/blog, which just went live yesterday, called The Breastfeeding Experience. The purpose is to help support mothers and mothers-to-be by sharing other mother's experiences with breastfeeding. The triumphs, the struggles, the disappointments, the experiences. I shared my story, which was posted last night. (There's even a picture I submitted with it!) Please check out the site and all the fantastic stories that women have shared so far. Please consider sharing your own.

Now on to today's post...

Here I am, 34.5 weeks (8 months) pregnant. I am feeling huge, achy, uncomfortable, tired, emotional and all that other fun stuff that…