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Showing posts from June 28, 2009

Things I'd Forgotten About Newborns

I'm working on the Pookie's labor and delivery story. But for now, I will leave you with some things I had forgotten about having a newborn...

-How much they poop.
-How much laundry they create.
-The constant nursing.
-The delicious baby smell.
-How small they are.
-The mewing cries and noises they make, like a kitten.
-Did I mention the laundry?
-The smell of spit up, fresh and that one or two day old crusty stuff that you hadn't realized got on your shirt or the baby's shirt until you are snuggling and breath deep to inhale delicious baby smell and instead smell that stale, gross crud.
-How much my breast leak.
-The cluster feedings (OMG! I forgot just how tough those are!), and it's partner: cluster poopings.
-Having to be Mom's All Night Diner.
-Those early smiles for seemingly no reason, especially the ones while they are nursing when the corner of their mouths turn up around the mouthful of nipple.
-That undefined, dark blue eye color they have before it settles into…

Question of the Week - Holding Pattern

The Pookie is now 2 weeks and one day old. There are ups and downs. A newborn isn't a walk in the park, and neither is a toddler in the throes of The Twos. Add them together... Well let's just say that there have been moments where I've wanted to run screaming from the house.

But I can't. I'm still limited in what I can do because of healing from the c-section. The first week home, I was doing the stairs once a day as allowed. But I had a little relapse (or maybe it was going off the pain killers), so I spent about three days stuck upstairs, mostly in bed. Can I tell you how boring and frustrating it is to be stuck on one floor/room/bed for days? Those of you who have been on bedrest--wow! I have such sympathy! It would drive me nuts!

At a visit to my OB at the end of the week, I was assured that the incision is healing fine and I don't have anything to worry about. It's just a painful thing, major abdominal surgery. The muscles and tissues and all that othe…