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Showing posts from August 9, 2009

Health Care Issues Hitting Home

First, it's the Pookie's 2 month birthday! Things are finally feeling pretty good from my perspective, I hope he feels the same. I'll write more about how we are doing later, but I don't know how long my internet connection will last right now. So this will probably be short. Instead of complaining about the cable company and/or my lame computer, I will touch on my frustration with my insurance company.

When the Pumpkin was born, I had registered for the hospital online before her birth, even receiving a confirmation email. Of course, after she was born, they didn't have my registration information. And the couple of times they came by my recovery room to get the insurance information, Londo was out of the room getting food or something. Londo had the insurance card, and I was in the new mother overwhelmed stage.

The hospital ended up sending the full bill to a collection company instead of following up with us for the insurance information. Because we weren't b…

Question of the Week - Questions, Questions, Questions

We are having internet problems, which is why I've not been online or posting much lately. It's very frustrating, and the cable guy isn't coming until Saturday. Hopefully this posts.

So let's get right to the question of the week:

What question(s)/phrase/activity is your child asking/saying/doing constantly these days?

The Pumpkin is always asking "Can I help?" and "Can I go?" If we don't answer right away, she asks "Can I? Can I? Can I?" She wants to help with everything from the dishes (she's getting good at washing the soap off dishes) to making coffee (which I don't let her help with). And she wants to go everywhere with me or Londo. It's hard to say no to her, because isn't it nice that she wants to help and sweet that she wants to go with us?

She is also constantly asking if she can hold the baby and saying "Oh, what a cute little baby!" There are many worse things she could be constantly asking for or doi…