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I Am a Domestic Goddess!

When the Pookie was about 5 weeks old, my husband and my SIL asked me how I was doing within days of each other. Actually, my SIL asked if I was looking forward to going back to work and that lead to how I was doing. I didn't have a firm answer for either of them. How was I doing? I was getting by. I was in survival mode. I was healing, taking care of the newborn and trying to make sure that the toddler was being adequately taken care of either by me or others (mostly others). Mentally (which was the true intent of their questions)? I couldn't even figure that out myself, let alone tell anyone else.

I truly was in survival mode. I was living in a gray fog, waiting for that 6-8 week postpartum point. This gray fog was nothing compared to my rough winter and pregnancy. I wasn't depressed or feeling constantly miserable. It was more just that I couldn't think straight or feel straight. Survival Mode. If you've ever been in that mode, you know what I'm talking about…

Deliberate Smiles

Yesterday morning, sometime in the six o'clock hour, the Pookie had woken up but wasn't falling back asleep. I had changed his poopy diaper and he had nursed. Although he wasn't really fussing, he wasn't drifting off back to sleep while lying on my arm in bed next to me.

Instead, he looked up at me with his big, round, dark blue eyes. He looked up at me two or three times, while I looked down at him and then pretended to close my eyes. Then, he smiled at me. A big, full-mouthed, toothless smile! I couldn't help but smile back. He glanced down, back up again and smiled again! I couldn't help it, I totally laughed.

The Pookie has always been a smiley baby, since maybe his 2nd or 3rd week when he first smiled. But in the last week or so, he has started smiling on purpose. I can absolutely tell the difference, and I'm sure he is deliberately smiling. Of course, we smile right back.

In fact, yesterday afternoon, we were smiling back and forth at each other and I …

Question of the Week - You Know You Are a Parent When...

The bathroom I usually wear is definitely a Mom Bathrobe. It's very soft, fluffy and a lovely shade of green. It also has spit up, leaked milk, a bit of toothpaste and a Wubbzy sticker stuck on it. And you know what? I don't even care! I wear it around the house in the mornings while juggling both kids and in the evenings when trying to get at least one of the kids to bed (usually it's the Pookie, since needs me to nurse him and bounce him to sleep right about the same time the Pumpkin is going to sleep).

It just struck me yesterday morning that this bathrobe had become a Mom Bathrobe. Now, this is the bathrobe I bought cheap at Target when I was pregnant with the Pumpkin. I actually bought it to bring into the hospital with me so that I wouldn't ruin my nice white bathrobe (which is still pretty nice and only worn when the kids are asleep or not around me). So it was bought with the purpose of being a Mom Bathrobe. But it definitely makes me feel like a full-fledged P…